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The Lab (Dr. Silva Part 5)

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3 months ago

'I thought you said lab?' As I stared around the room, I couldn't help thinking Dr. Silva had gotten very confused about where we were supposed to be. This was not a lab. It looked more like a hangout.

Aside from myself and Dr. Silva there were a few others in the room. A little girl sat quietly flipping through a book in the corner and next to her a boy who may have been in his late teens at most, and another boy who looked like he was staring off into space with his head tilted, like he was listening to something. last but not least, there were two girls dressed identically, standing in the middle of the room.

'This is the lab honey.' Dr. Silva told me gently.

'Are you like, experimenting on people? I looked in horror at the twins standing there, not moving. It was unnatural. 'Oh God. What did you do to those girls?'

I did a double take. There was only one girl now. I could have sworn there were two a second ago.

The guy who had been staring off into space laughed and turned to the girl. 'She thinks you're twins.'

I jumped.

How did he know what I was thinking?

'She was practicing her projection.' Dr. Silva told me quietly.

I was at a loss. This couldn't be real. I was still lying in my hospital bed comatose and my mind was making up these weird scenarios. That was the only logical option.

'I'm still in a coma, right? This is all just some weird comatose dream.'

The girl in the black button down rolled her eyes and pinched me.


'See? You felt that. You're awake.' She sounded smug.

I frowned. 'What kind of logic is that?'

She shrugged. 'Don't know. I just wanted to do that.'

Dr. Silva looked at her and shook her head. 'Aria, leave Lilly alone. You remember how hard it was your first time.'

Aria frowned but walked across the room and started playing on her phone, like none of us were even there.

The little girl in the corner came running over and looked up at me with wide eyes. She put her hand out for a handshake so I took her hand and she smiled brightly 'It's nice to meet you Lilly.'

When had I told anyone my name?

I had the strangest sense and quickly pulled my hand away from the girl. She didn't feel dangerous just, off in a way I couldn't explain. She pouted slightly and then flounced off, back to her book. The boy next to her had been watching the exchange carefully but I had the feeling he didn't want to talk and I wasn't going to force him.

I was still trying to process everything, including how there had been two identical girls one second and only one the next when the other doctor, Dr. Burton came into the room and demanded everyone's attention.

'I think it's time we all introduce ourselves to Ms. Ainsley, and Sara, we'll start with you and why you owe her an apology.'

'She didn't do anything to me.' I protested

Dr. Burton smiled kindly at me 'Sara is very gifted but she knows what she did was wrong.'

'I'm sorry Lilly.' Sara hung her head, looking ashamed.

Aria spoke up. 'Come on doc, you're always telling us to practice. That's what she was doing.'

'And she should. But not on someone who doesn't know any better. You all know the rules.' He turned to me. 'Sara is gifted with psychometry, the ability to read a person or object with a single touch. The longer the touch, the more she can tell about you.' He didn't give me the chance to respond. 'Dylan, why don't you start us off?'

The boy sitting next to Sara looked at Dr. Burtons clipboard and it soared straight into his hands. 'Psychokinesis.'

Next was Aria 'Astral projection.' A perfect copy appeared next to her before blinking out of existence again. 'Still working on being able to move while doing it though.'

The one who had laughed earlier was next and he gave a sheepish wave, his hair falling into his face. He was cute and probably around my age. 'Jake. I'm the resident telepath.' His grin got bigger and he reminded me of the Cheshire cat.

Telepath... Oh. Oh no. So he can-

'Read your thoughts. Yeah.' His eyes were full of mischief and I could feel my face turning deep red.

Dr. Burton cleared his throat and gestured to Dr. Silva. 'You've already met Gloria.'

I nodded. 'Yeah. But I don't know what she is.'

'She's a healer, Lilly. Her touch can calm a person down so they don't hurt themselves or others. Strictly speaking she's what they call a psychic healer. As for me, I'm an intuitive.'

The wheels in my head were turning so fast I couldn't keep up. Everyone in this room had special abilities so there was one thing I needed to know.

'Why am I here?'

Dr. Burton stared at me thoughtfully.

'Because you're gifted.' It was Dr. Silva who answered.

'I'm not.'

'Back in the room, you hit me with a psychic blast. And that's not your only gift.'

Everyone in the room froze and stared at the two of us.

Dr. Burton spoke. 'I picked up on it as soon as I saw you. It's why I told Gloria to bring you here. You're an empath Lilly.'

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Written by   44
3 months ago
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So this is where you're leading the story >w<did you publish the next parts already?

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3 months ago

Not yet. I'm still working it out.

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3 months ago