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Pocket watch

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2 months ago

Waking up with a dagger to your throat is exactly as terrifying as you think it is. With the cold blade pressed to my sensitive flesh, I could do little more than lay there and try not to make any sudden movements.

As my eyes adjusted, the face that materialized from the darkness became a familiar one, though that offered nothing in the way of comfort.

The cold calculation in those eyes was enough to tell me that the woman I had known, the sweet, innocent, caring one was long gone. The last time I had seen her, her eyes had been full of tears but also life. It was chilling, looking into them now. Hatred had turned them cold and flat, a strangers eyes.

'Lucia' Her name felt strange in my mouth, as I had not spoken it in years.


I flinched. She spat my name out like a curse. Not that she didn't have reason. To break a woman's heart, is perhaps one of the worst crimes a person can commit.

I had my doubts my offence had anything to do with her reappearance in my life now, however. I unconsciously shifted and she pushed her hand to my chest, stopping me. I silently thanked her for not using the metal to keep me pinned to my bed though it was still resting against my throat.

The silence hanging between us was too much for me to handle and as I often did, I spoke without thinking.

'The last time we were in my bed, things were much different.' I regretted the words the moment I said them. Annoyance flashed in her eyes and I felt the metal bite into my skin as I tensed up and tried to shrink into myself. 'I guess you are too.'

'I'm not here to rehash old memories.'

'Then why are you here?' I met her eyes, searching for any sign the old Lucia was in there. I found nothing.

'You have something of mine. Once you tell me where it is, I'll go.' Her tone was all business. Her cold voice sent a chill down my spine and an image flashed through my mind.

A pocket watch. The thing had never worked but it was special to her at one point. When she'd given it to me she'd explained it had belonged to an ex lover.

Taking castoffs from my girlfriends ex hadn't appealed to me and I had only agreed because she begged me. Much as she hated the one it had belonged to, she hadn't wanted it to go to a stranger who would do God only knew what with it.

I had tried to give it back years ago along with some of her other things but she had refused to see me. I had even contemplated selling it a few times but I'd never been able to go through with it. I still wasn't sure why. Maybe I'd known she'd want it back one day.

'It's in the safe.' I motioned to the picture across the room.

To my relief, she removed the knife from my throat and allowed me to move.

While I made my way to the picture a million different scenarios went through my head.

Could I get away? Hit her with something or get the knife from her? Maybe. But I wouldn't. I still loved her which made what I'd done even worse.

When I'd left, I'd done it to protect her but as far as she knew I'd met someone else, cheated on her. I'd never told her the truth and I wasn't going to. It wouldn't change anything.

I had already hurt her in the worst possible way. I couldn't bring myself to hurt her again, even to save my own life. I chuckled a little as I opened the safe and she tensed.

'What's so funny?' She demanded harshly.

I shook my head. 'It's a bit ironic, that's all.'

She waited for me to elaborate.

'You once told me I was too sentimental.'

I slowly held it out to her, making sure she could see I was holding nothing else. If her face was any indication, she didn't find my observation funny but she also didn't lash out at me.

She grabbed the watch and made her way to the window she had used to enter my room in the first place.

'I have my reasons.'

I blinked and she was gone, leaving nothing but the cold night breeze and a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

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Written by   44
2 months ago
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But what will she do with the watch :"" more please-

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2 months ago

I'll try lol

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2 months ago

This does have a continuation, right? 🥺💔

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2 months ago

Hopefully at some point.

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2 months ago