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Not a bad week

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3 months ago

As anybody who has been reading my articles likely knows by now, I love using cashback apps and flashfood. Flashfood can be great for discounts and I've been keeping an eye on it daily to find anything of interest.

Minus the coffee creamer and yogurt, there hasn't been much on Checkout51 this week but I did pick up a fair amount of yogurt and salad kits. I probably got around $12 cashback total over the last few weeks just on salad and yogurt alone.

The salad is already gone. I used them as sides and also for meals by adding in some fresh veggies I wanted to use up (peppers mushrooms ect) and some meat.

Since we got a huge pork shoulder at the store a few weeks ago for $20. We're eating a lot of pork but I do a lot of different things with it so between the different seasonings, sauces and sides, we don't really get sick of it that fast.

I used some of the pork which I diced up to make the salad a little more filling as well and it was a great way to use up a couple cans of veggies I had sitting in the cupboard that I wanted to get out as well since they were taking up space.

Today I also cashed out my drop app for a $25.00 amazon gift card. Amazon prime is something we have recently decided to pay for since it's only $80.00 annually. Between the prime TV, 2 day shipping on most items and the amazon music which my husband uses, it's worth it for us since I'm doing a lot more shopping on there without spending out of pocket. We don't have TV service so we only watch online.

I got $44.00 worth of stuff on amazon today ranging from soap and shampoo to kitchen staples and not one cent of it came out of pocket which really helps with our budget.

Yesterday I also spent just under $13.00 on Flashfood and got 12 bagels, 12 glazed doughnuts, 1 loaf of raisin bread (my husband loves it) 12 chocolate chip mini muffins and some kielbasa.

The doughnuts make for a simple breakfast for me with a cup of coffee which is what I did this morning and I use the bagels for both breakfasts and lunches for my husband when he goes to work since I make sandwiches with them.

The only think that would have made things better was if Flashfood had had the produce boxes I've been looking for recently. They do have some but most of them consisted of things I don't need so there's no point in me buying them.

I think I've still done fairly well this week and I'm happy even without the produce boxes. I will however still keep an eye out for them. My husband was a little unsure of my cashback apps and even more unsure of Flashfood but over the last month after seeing the amount of money it can save us he has come around to the idea.

If anything he might even like them more than I do now if that's possible.

I only hope these apps stick around. It wouldn't be the first time I have gotten into a pattern of liking and using something only to have it no longer available to me. Even if that happens, I plan to take advantage of this for as long as I can to help my family and keep things stocked up (non perishable) as much as possible.

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Written by   44
3 months ago
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