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3 months ago

It started on Facebook. I logged in and discovered  I had a friend request. There was no profile picture and I didn't recognize the name. Deleted. I wasn't adding a complete stranger.
About five minutes later, I noticed another friend request. The same person. Delete. It popped up again, as soon as I ignored it.
Now I was curious. I decided to take a look at their profile. There wasn't much to go on. No information on where they lived, went to school or even how old they were. No mutual friends.
How did they find me and why? I decided to ask. I was still unsure of adding them but their profile seemed to only accept messages from friends. I could always delete them after asking anyway.
Do I know you? Send.
I didn't have to wait long for a response.
I'm sorry.
Sorry? For what? Send.
I was in the truck.
What are you talking about? Send.
No response. I decided to wait a while. A half hour later, still nothing. It was probably some idiot playing games.

... You don't know.
Don't know what? Send.
You don't know what happened.
By this point I was weirded out but still convinced this was some random guy who just wanted to freak people out. He was probably sending the same messages to a bunch of other people on Facebook. I wondered how far he'd go.
What are you talking about? Nothing's happened. Send.
It did.
Then tell me. Send.
I can't. You have to figure it out for yourself. I'm sorry.
I'd had enough. There was no way I was going to waste anymore time on this loser.
The phone rang downstairs and I heard my mom pick up. As I made my way down the steps I saw my mother go pale and thank whoever was on the other end before hanging up.
She ran to the other room and began speaking frantically to my dad. All I made out were the words accident and Emily.
My sister had been in an accident. Before I knew it I was in the backseat of my parents car. I didn't even remember getting in. I must have been in shock. My parents drove to the hospital without speaking. I followed them in, nobody paid me any attention. It must be bad.
She was in bad shape but the doctors said she would live. They said there had been two people in the car. The passenger had no ID and they needed my parents help to identify her so they could call her family.
My dad decided to go and told my mother to stay with my sister. I  followed my dad and the doctor down the hall to the elevator and from there down another few hallways. Finally, we came to an unmarked door and followed the doctor in. There was a body, covered in a sheet. The doctor lifted the sheet up and asked my dad if he knew who it was. I couldn't see and waited for his response. Which one of her friends had been killed?
My dad was as pale as the sheet.
He fell to the floor in tears and I caught my first glimpse of the body on the table.
Everything around me spun. The corpse on the table wasn't one of my sister's friends.
And then I remembered. My sister and I had gotten tickets to a concert but I got grounded. I told Emily she had to help me sneak out and go because there was no way I was missing it. If she didn't, I just might tell mom and dad about her having her boyfriend over that weekend they went away for their anniversary.
We had been bickering over a music station. A semi had slid over into our lane. She couldn't swerve out of the way. I remembered the sounds of  glass breaking, metal twisting and then, nothing.

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Written by   44
3 months ago
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That was all too chilling >w< you're writing suspense and thriller again now

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3 months ago