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Forbidden Desire

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3 months ago

His breath was against her neck, his hand sliding ever so slowly up her leg.

'Tell me what you want.' He whispered.

'You.' She responded breathing heavily.

Just his nearness made her dizzy, even after all this time. This man, he turned her on in ways she never knew were possible. He took her to a level of desire she hadn't even known to exist let alone experienced. She couldn't get enough of it, of him.

She could feel him smiling as he pressed his chest to her back. She wanted to turn around but something about him made her stay where she was. He left her paralyzed with desire. He had the upper hand and he knew it.

'You know we shouldn't.'

Her heart beat faster still. He was right, but that only made her want him more. After all, wasn't forbidden fruit the sweetest?

'I know.' She barely got the words out.

She felt him step away and grabbed his hand before it could leave her body.

'But that doesn't mean I don't want to.'

This man had been tempting her for too long. She knew he had done it on purpose. There was a part of him that thrived on it. That much she knew because there was a part of her that did too.

There had been times she had done small, subtle things that only he noticed but couldn't do anything about. Or said something with a double meaning that she knew he was quick enough to catch even if no one else in the room was. She knew he had noticed. She had seen the looks, felt his eyes on her in crowded rooms even when no one else looked twice.

It was a game they had played for far too long, trying to see which one of them would break first. She might have made the first move long ago, if she hadn't found him so intimidating. Then again, she might not have. She enjoyed the anticipation even past the point when most people would have been begging for more. It would only make things better in the end.

It had started with words, a sort of verbal sparring between them and progressed into light, innocent touches. Mostly a brush of a hand that lingered a second longer than necessary when he handed her something. Things hadn't gone much further than that for a while and she had waited patiently while also wondering if perhaps he had grown bored with her already. Her fears had quickly been extinguished when his light brush of the hand had started to turn into something else. More intimate but still quick touches done in passing that somehow still left her breathless with suspense.

Before she could come to her senses or talk herself out of it she spun around to face him. The fires in his eyes was enough to tell her that she was not alone in her mounting desire. Things would not end with a few teasing words or gentle touches tonight.

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Written by   44
3 months ago
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w< that was all to exciting for me to read after a while

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3 months ago