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Cashback/Money Saving Apps

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1 month ago

Since I've been on the look out for ways to save money, I've started looking at cash back apps a little more closely than I used to. Checkout 51 is something I've been using for a while on and off depending on what deals they have.

The other day they had a deal for Dole salad kits where you could claim up to 5 and get a dollar cashback. Those ones are all gone now to my knowledge but I did snag a few before they disappeared.

I don't normally buy salad kits but since I was planning on making a taco salad anyway, I figured I would pick up two of them instead of buying all the stuff separately as I normally do. It still may have been cheaper but the salad did stretch further than I thought it would to be honest. I used Checkout 51 to get $2.00 back on both bags.

I used one bag to make dinner for myself, my husband and our daughter as well as a lunch for my husband to take to work. I added some ground pork (cheaper than beef) some tomatoes and a few other veggies to stretch it out. The second bag will be lunch for the next 2 days for me because my family doesn't like having salad too many days in a row.

Today I noticed they also had an offer for Astro yogurt. Claim up to 5 and get $1.50 cashback per item. The store also had them on sale for 2 for $6.50 and since we all love yogurt it was a win-win.

I've noticed a few times where something will be on Checkout51 and the store I go to will have a sale on that item. Just before Christmas, there was a deal for cashback on Dairy Milk chocolate bars and at the same time the store had them on sale at 2 for $5.00 so I took advantage of that as well.

Yogurt will be a nice change for me to have for breakfast every now and then to give me a break from baked oatmeal. As much as I love it, I don't want baked oatmeal everyday.

I also wanted to get a coffee mate Bliss creamer since they had a deal for $1.00 cashback on Checkout 51 but the store I went to didn't have it so I had to take that off my claims. I wasn't going to run around at different stores just to find one item. I would have used it sure, but I didn't need it.

So far this year I've gotten about $10.00 built up on Checkout51. I'm not sure where it's available though. If I bought more of the items, I would have more but if I won't use it, I'm not going to by it just for the cashback. And I'm not going to but 5 of something I won't get around to before it goes bad.

What I like about Checkout 51 is that while you need to buy specific items, most of them are not limited to specific stores and some can be used with sales. Not all though. I did run into one deal that mentioned it could not be used in combination with any coupon or sale so you do have to real the fine print once you click on the product just to be safe.

I've been keeping an eye on Flash food but I haven't seen much on there the past few days that I actually need or want so I'll just keep checking now and then. I always try to get at least a couple boxes and maybe a few other items. I don't want to go in just to pick up say a package of tortillas. If I need my husband to drive there, I want it to be worthwile.

Another app I've been using for a while is Receipt Hog. Most of my shopping these days especially is limited to groceries. What make Receipt Hog helpful is that I can get paypal cash (my preferred method) just for buying things I need anyway. There are no specific items you need to buy with them. Just take a picture of your receipt and there you go.

I have Caddle in my phone as well which I think is Canada only but as of right now, there are only a few offers and none of them are of any use to me.

I'm always on the look out for ways I can save a bit of money or get cashback on things I would buy anyway. I normally save up the cashback and use it to put towards Christmas presents. With everything going up in price, every little bit will help.

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Written by   41
1 month ago
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Too bad there aren't many cashback apps here in my country else i would be using that too

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1 month ago