Apples and Agony

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1 year ago

The little bell over the door rang merrily just seconds before the sweet scent of fresh baked goods surrounded her in a warm caress. It was still early in the day, just past seven but already the shelves were full of fresh bread and the cases full of sweet delights.

Impossible to choose just one. Talia thought to herself as she browsed the possibilities.

The smell of warm apple drew her to a case on the left, where a batch of tarts was resting next to a sign.

Fresh Apple Tartlets

'Sinfully good.'

The girl behind the counter walked over and smiled, her name tag read Nivea.

'That's an interesting name.'

'Hm? Oh, thanks. My mom read it somewhere and fell in love with it.' Nivea waved her off as though there was nothing more to say on the matter. 'Tempting, aren't they?'

Talia looked longingly at the apple pastries. 'Very.'

'They're part of our exclusive line.'

Talia nodded. 'I know.'

'Are you shopping for yourself, or someone special?' Nivea enquired casually.

Talia shifted uncomfortably, eyes downcast. 'Myself. Things haven't been that great lately and...' She trailed off slowly unsure of how to continue.

'I understand. We have plenty of other treats that might help. I find there's nothing better than a chocolate croissant on a bad day for me.' She pointed to a case on the other side of the small bakery.

With chocolate poking out from the buttery pastry, a layer of white chocolate and a decorative drizzle of dark chocolate on top, Talia had to admit they did look good.

'They're still warm.' Nivea told her encouragingly.

'No. Thank you, but no.'

'Can I ask what's got you so down? Maybe I can help.'

A tear slid down Talias cheek. 'My twins. They....'

Niveas' eyes went wide with the realization. 'The kids on the news, they were yours, weren't they?'

A few days ago Nivea had been watching the news while she idly mixed up the filling for apple turnovers. A story had come on about two children. She hadn't been able to get through it. From what she knew, there hadn't been much left to identify them. They'd have to use dental records. They suspected the step mother but she hadn't been found as of yet.

'I'm so sorry.'

Talia shook her head. 'I'd like a tart, please.'

Nivea sighed. 'You're sure?'


'They take effect about ten minutes after you eat them.' She told her.

Nivea packed a tart gently in a box and handed it to her. 'Don't eat it until you're home and comfortable then. If you change your mind-'

She cut her off. 'I won't.' She told her with conviction. Her voice softened. 'Thank you.'

She turned and began walking to the door, a smile on her face for the first time since she'd found them a week ago. Things would be ok now. She glanced back at Nivea who was still watching her, sorrow evident in her eyes; the sign on the wall behind her illuminating her in a sickly green glow.

Poison Pastries

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Great name Nivea wonder what the name tag looks like. Loved reading it. 🍀💖

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