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Always Better

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2 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)

'Holly get your butt back here you've got your own candy!' Dan laughed.

'Yeah but it always tastes better when it's someone elses.' She called over her shoulder with a giggle as he chased her up the stairs.

Just a few minutes ago they had been sitting on the couch watching a movie and eating their respective movie snacks but Holly had apparently decided that the movie wasn't worth watching. So, she had swiped the package of gummy bears from Dans hand and grabbed his chocolate bar off the table before running across the room and up the stairs.

Truth be told, Dan hadn't been enjoying the movie anyway. That was the last time he'd take his friend Aarons advice. Good guy. Horrible taste in all things media. Dan still wanted his junk food fix though which is why he was currently running towards Hollys bedroom at the end of the hallway.

Her door was already closed by the time he got to it.

'You better not eat my candy!' He banged playfully on the door. He heard shuffling and the crinkling of a wrapper. When he opened the door, he saw Holly perched in the middle of her bed happily munching away on his gummy bears.

He pouted. 'Holly you know how much I love those. Save me some, would ya?'

She smiled impishly, holding the package out. 'Oh, you mean these?' She asked innocently placing a few more of the candies into her mouth and chewing slowly.

He stood by the bed, watching her closely as she opened his chocolate bar and took a bite. She closed her eyes in appreciation. 'This is so go-'

Her sentence was cut short as he leapt onto the bed, knocking her back against the soft pillows. Her wide green eyes met his in surprise as he smiled down at her.

'What were you saying?' He plucked the bar off the bed where she had dropped it and placed it on the table, grabbing hers instead. He very deliberately opened it then dangled it in front of her lips. When she tried to go for it he pulled it away with a chuckle. 'You already had your taste. It's my turn.'

Maintaining eye contact he took a bite, watching as her pupils got bigger. He was sure his were doing much the same. 'Not bad but something's missing.'

He slowly leaned down, silently asking for her permission. When she didn't move or try to back away he closed the distance taking her lips in a soft kiss. She tasted like chocolate and caramel with a little bit of candy and something that was pure Holly. In that moment he knew he would never get enough of her.

He had thought about kissing her so many times but he had always talked himself out of it. The timing wasn't right. What if she rejected him. None of that mattered now. All those thoughts, the doubts went out the window as her scent surrounded him and she pulled him closer.

This was the closest he had ever come to believing in fate. It felt completely right. Like this was exactly the moment they were meant to have. As though everything around them had been working to bring them right here, like this.

He pulled away and looked at her, smiling. 'You're right.'

She cocked her head, confusion written across her face. 'Huh?'

'It does taste better when it's someone elses.'

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Written by   44
2 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)
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That was way too cute >w< and it feel like those teen childhood friends romance thing

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