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Fat & How to lose it as quickly as possible

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6 months ago
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Hey all, today's article is about losing fat, and how to lose fat as quickly as possible without having any health issues or problems.

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Losing fat is pretty simple, and today we will be talking about it and how to stay healthy without having any health issues, fat makes us unhealthy and is definitely not good for our looks as well, it makes our life harder and gets us to be more anxious on how we look. Obesity is one major problem in humanity and is mostly common in the United states of America. People tend to get fatter by eating more junk food or anything that packs high amounts of calories basically, the steps are simple and are as follows:

Losing fat slowly

While we all want to lose fat immediately, it's actually not possible, but we can try to keep up the good work and dedication and stick to our routine which is dieting and working out, losing fat immediately by running a lot and burning calories will eventually lead to health problems like muscle loss, gallstones and other, while providing you with the best lose skin you ever dreamed about, which is definitely something we don't want.

Fat loss requirements: Losing weight requires dedication and will-power to achieve, and by having strong mental health you can totally do it, the steps for losing fat are simple yet can be hard for a lot of people, the steps are:

  • Diet: By diet I honestly mean eating whatever you want, anytime you want, day or night, under one simple rule, staying above 1300 calories for men and women, and trust me it works, unless you are already kind of slim or not so fat, and you already eat around 1300 a day, then in that case sport is the way to go, because eating less than 1300 calories per day on average for men and women will lead to losing muscle mass which we totally don't want to happen, so eating only 1300 calories a day for both adult male and female is the way to go. Again, eating less calories will eventually lead to health problems like a decrease in your metabolism.

  • Exercise: And by exercising I mean running on a treadmill or outside of your house nearby where it's safe to run. Running does work and will definitely make you lose weight by burning your calories, and is the second most effecting way of losing along with dieting and limiting the daily calorie intake. Of course, you can do other sports like jumping the rope or playing basket ball or football, but that will not be as effective as running every day for about 40 minutes, and by running I mean jogging, not actual running and getting out of breath.

  • Food: Well, it's honestly simple and you can eat literally anything you want, but according to your daily vitamin intake requirements, by that being said, you should either take vitamin supplements per day which are 1/2 of Iron, more or less depending on your Iron intake per food consumed per day, Multi-vitamin supplement, and magnesium also according to your magnesium intake, which can be 1/2 a pill to a full pill or even less than 1/2 pill a day of magnesium. Magnesium is key for losing belly fat, and with little to no magnesium you will lose your weigh while keeping a fat belly. Food eaten per day can be low calorie food that you can eat and get full, rather than filling on chocolate only diet which can cause problems and will not make you full at all, and will give you more calories per day than 1300.

  • What to eat in my opinion: What to eat is going to be on how you personally are and what you really like to eat while calculating the calories and staying healthy even if it takes you to start taking vitamin supplements like what's written above in the food category, and if you are vegetarian or not can also affect what you eat. I personally can recommend the following food for non-vegetarian people, eaten per day, for as long as it takes for you to lose fat, while running and burning fat. Again, if you are already eating 1300 calories a day and you want to lose a little bit fat, running is your only solution, but if your calorie intake is around 3000 a day or less, then starting by only dieting without running for some months or even a year can get you way slimmer than you think. The list of food can be as follows:

1 - Meat

Meat can be eating per day for protein intake which is important for us. The meat most favorable can be:

  • Chicken breast meat

  • Turkey breast meat

  • Rabbit meat

  • Lamb meat

  • Eggs, which are definitely not meat, and can be consumed by vegetarians, is also a low calorie source of protein, and is tasty.

2 - Vegetables

Vegetables are really important as well as meat in our daily food intake be it dieting or not, and the most favorable ones for dieting are as follows:

  • Spinach leaves

  • Dandelion leaves

  • Cucumbers

  • Cauliflowers

  • Zucchini

  • Beans

  • Chickpeas

3 - Fruits

Fruits are tasty treats and do make great addition to our daily diet especially if the diet seems a little bit hard, fruits can definitely make us fuller and happier. Some of the fruit types that are good for dieting are:

  • Grapefruits

  • Watermelons

  • White melons

  • Strawberries and other Berries

  • Oranges and their types

  • Cherries

  • Kiwi fruits

4 - Oils

Fish oil and other types of oils are also necessary for our healthy, and by fish oil I mean taking fish oil supplements that are small in size so you don't shock on them. They tend to be really big in size which is not so smart honestly, so either drain the oil from the capsule and drink it, which is the safest way to go, or find small-sized capsules that are basically Omega 3 capsules.

5 - Dairy

Dairy products are a must unless you are lactose intolerant, and having dairy every while can totally help in your diet and your overall health, and if you feel like eating chicken breast is too much calories for you and you will be hungry, then start taking your proteins from Milk, be it naturally milk or powder milk sold in grocery stores. Dairy products most favorable for dieting are as follows:

  • Yogurt, especially greek yogurt, which is a light dairy for you to consume and enjoy. Protein intake is a must.

  • Milk, be it powdered milk filled with vitamins or natural milk which is also filled with vitamins, and of course, protein.

  • Cheese, which is less favorable for it's calorie amount but eating one little piece of cheese a day will not hurt. It's more like a treat food and a way to keep you happy and motivated.


An important note should be taken and considered while dieting, the process will take long, it might be hard for some, and easy for others, and losing motivation is not the way to go. Obesity and being overweigh in general is considered a major problem and a dangerous health issue for us humans, and should not be taken in ease. Fat loss can take a lot of time, but the most effective way, again, is to calculate your daily calorie intake and begin running or jogging about 40 minutes each day, that is the fastest way to lose fat. For women, the process of losing fat will be harder than in men, because of the fact that women are built different, and it takes them way lot longer to burn the fat, which will be burnt in a slower rate than a man dieting and running, or one of the two. But never lose motivation, and do what it takes to burn the calories and to get healthier and live a happier life.

Thanks for reading, and happy dieting friends.

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Written by   29
6 months ago
Topics: Health, Facts, World, Diet, Fat, ...
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Nice article man, now I just need to do it!

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6 months ago

Thank you. Good luck on achieving the diet!

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6 months ago

Nice informative article, it will surely help the people that need to lose fat in a healthy way and a fun way. Drinking plenty of water can also make the person more full and will keep the thirst away.

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6 months ago

Yes, water is essential for our general health and I agree, it does make us full, it also has 0% calories which is the best thing for diet. Fat is all about eating a lot of junk food or calorie-packed food like a lot of meat or burgers for example. Water can surely help in dieting.

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6 months ago