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World of Masks NFTs on SmartBCH - 40 days review

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3 weeks ago

I wrote about World of Masks, collection of programmatically generated 10,800 Masks NFTs, as a project that has the potential to become a power brand on SmartBCH. Few weeks later it looks like I was right! I minted 20 NFTs because I like the concept and I wanted to make sure I am joining the fun early days.

I was attracted by the benefits for the holders and well calculated tokenomiks, as the NFT holders are eligible for rewards immediately after minting. Minting 20 NFTs in the same transaction has a little incentive, an extra NFT received automatically in the wallet.

The lower the mint, the better the NFT is ranked. From 1 to 2000 are the rare ones, with the top 14 being ultra rare. My robot is mint #877 and is kinda special to me because of the mask and body combination.

Mint #595 is a weirdo! Vintage background, transparent body and yellow hair! The Death Mask is worthy of scary movies, and the shadow dog adds extra mystery vibes.

May the power of #22 guide me in this journey! Mint #222 is in fact 2 x 22, because you need 2 2 make a movement. Puppet body with Ancient Spearman mask makes this rare a real fighter!

If you want to check which rare NFTs are already minted, use the World of Masks Rarity Tool! If the NFT was minted, a gold badge appears next to rank. Top aid in the quest for the rarest masks! 

Join the World of Masks Telegram channel and get free entertainment from the Masked Bot. This mysterious masked bot keeps the atmosphere both relaxed and informative.

Up to date, the minting progress reached 11.25% of the total. There have been 1215 minted NFTs, and the number of minted specials is extremely low. Is no better time then trying to get one.

From the 1215 NFTs, only one special was minted. The number of rare is at 12.48%, with 252 from 2020 already in someone's wallet. There are still 13 specials waiting, low mint numbers between 1 and 14.

Maybe you were looking for upcoming NFTs on Presearch? Or for World of Masks? Then you came across my staked keywords! Presearch is a decentralized search engine powered by the $PRE tokens. You can earn them by doing the searches you do for free on google, and use them to stake keywords. The vision was to provide a secure network, to decentralize the search ecosystem and reward users who provide value to the search system.

I staked World of Mask keywords on Presearch in a mission to aid  my crypto-friends. The keyword staking helped people to find the minting page, growing the community, and showed the right path to those that looked for the next NFT project. SmartBCH was the most popular keyword, with 57 searches. 

Only one keyword out of ten had no views, while three of them where more successful click wise. Over 73% from the Presearch users that searched for "world of masks" went to the minting page. Good rate for "Upcoming NFT" and "Staking NFTs", with 33% and 35% of the keyword search leading to a click towards the project.

World of Masks NFTs Library:

WoM NFTs Website

Background and Roadmap

World of Masks Telegram

World of Masks Twitter :

World of Masks Instagram

World of Masks Facebook

The SmartBCH Spotlights series:

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4. BlockNG & LAW Punks - the platform powered by the $LAW token, which can be used to buy LAW Punks NFTs. 

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6. Konra Token - a token with unique tokenomics and a project that will become a multi token ecosystem.

7. Tango Swap - The first SmartBCH DEX with publicly known developers. 

8. GAME - The the universal gas token for the AxieBCH gaming guild that grows in the holder's wallet 

9. Narath - The reward token meant to serve as an incentive of the holders that use Konra on SmartBCH.

10. 1BCH DEX - New LPs with top APY and single staking sprinklers

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12. Goblin Cash - DeFi 2.0 on SmartBCH

13. Panda Land - Play2Earn Battle NFT Game with breeding expansion planned for 2022

14. World of Masks - A collection of programmatically generated 10,800 Masks NFTs

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Written by   1008
3 weeks ago
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Once i got some funds i will try to mint. I wish minting will not be already over 😥

$ 0.00
3 weeks ago

I was wondering how much to mint Mask, it's gonna be a risky since I have no funds to spend right now, maybe I'll wait for some more information and testimonies of people who engage in world of mask. Anyways, should I visit those links to know more information about world of mask? or what platform can I use to buy one just in case I love it?

$ 0.00
3 weeks ago

The website is the minting page. Check that one

$ 0.00
3 weeks ago

I really like some of that Mask artwork! I wish you all the best in this project!

$ 0.00
3 weeks ago

I've just been hearing rumors about this NFT stuff I think I would take a step on it

$ 0.00
3 weeks ago

Right now NFTs are synonymous with JPEGs and art, but soon NFTs will be everything, from concert tickets to shoe store receipts with added/updating coupons!

$ 0.00
3 weeks ago

I will check it out later and see if ill be enticed. Hopefully they have a good roadmap.

$ 0.00
3 weeks ago

Ohooo, I don't own even one of this. But this one really looks cool 🤔

$ 0.00
3 weeks ago

I'll take a look at this because it's the first time I've heard of this world of masks. I was under the impression that their minting period had ended, but after reading this, I'll try to mint some and keep them, happy new month to you.

$ 0.00
3 weeks ago