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What is happening Across the Bridge: Episode 6 - Bridging around the World

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3 weeks ago

Across Protocol is the fastest, cheapest and most secure Layer2 bridge! Using the Across bridge is both economically better then using other bridges but also gives users the opportunity to accumulate $ACX tokens. Each transaction will increase the user's tier and amount of $ACX earned, and the referral system provides more options to increase the amount of tokens.

You like the Butterfly Bridge in Bedford? You should... because Across was here! I bridge some USDC from Polygon to Optimism right there on the Butterfly Bridge! 

I was involved in an amazing campaign that was created to bring awareness to Across Protocol. I designed the "Bridge around the World" as a fun social media event where the participants had to share pictures with amazing real-life bridges and integrate the Across logo somehow in the tweet. 

The criteria of the event was to tweet bridges, transactions on the bridges or people wearing Across merchandise near bridges! There was no limit or scenario, as everyone was free to promote in their unique way.

Tags were used to give direction to the campaign, and the participants where asked to use any of the #AcrossV2 #AcrossWasHere or @AcrossProtocol tags. This requirement was made to track the entries on social media, while submitting the link on WonderVerse will give experience points.

I started my UMA Holiday with a smoothie as the Across. Once I landed on Turkey I looked for the best place for my AcrossWasHere tweet! The search was challenging but I was successful in my quest!

The perfect spot is real, and AcrossWasHere! It can't get better then sea, above 40 degrees Celsius, mountains in the background, cocktails with ice and my Across t-shirt! It was so good that even Hart Lambur re-tweeted my photos! 

This is how you market a cross-chain bridge and it's super slick new referral program

Was an absolute pleasure to check all the tweets with the AcrossWasHere tag, and I was surprised to see over 100 entries. EAsports came with one of the best bridge photos, and lots of positive vibes.

So many participants and so many top tweets! However, some stood out from the crowd by going above and beyond. Check this amazing AcrossWasHere video made by Furkan Sylar

The Cryptoverse runs on 10x speed, and another event promoting the Across Referral Program took place on Layer3. Users where invited to discover bridging on Across and earn 700 XP points as reward. The quest was three tasks as it follows: 

  • Bridge at least 50 USDC from Polygon to Arbitrum using Across! Easley done and with only 0.52 USDC paid in fees.

I checked the Layer3 quest after I bridged the USDC from Arbitrum to Boba Network, and all the tasks were marked as completed. I quickly claimed my 700 XP points and was happy to be one of the quickest 500 users to complete it. Across Protocol knows how to keep the community engaged!

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Written by   1094
3 weeks ago
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Nice to read this article but I have a question maybe you can help me I have $10 in my wallet which have HRC20 network so how i can withdrawal those dollar

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Sorry but don't know much about Harmony, search for a bridge that will send them to a chain that you are using

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Actually i ask soo many person but you know that binnace is not accepting this network

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Nice to read a nice article

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