What is happening Across the Bridge: Episode 3 - Across v2 Launch

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The launch of Across V2 was one of the biggest events of 2022, and the migration was spectacular! The goal was to make Across easy to use, and the pre-launch campaign answered any questions about the migration and future plans. One of the main aspects is that Across V2  achieved incredible capital efficiency and increased functionality through the use of different mechanisms.

The new features of Across V2 were presented in a series of Twitter Space events. The turn-up was amazing, and the interest for V2 was higher then expected. Many crypto savvy people realized that Across V2 was a game-changer

I went back to the roots, and took the Meme King mantle once again. Kept the moral up with constant memes in the party channel, Twitter and any other social media. Few hours before the launch I was having a sleepless night.

AcrossV2 came with Polygon as a new supported chain and hustle-free transfers between L2. The below experiment took only 5 minutes and had only 0.001 ETH cost in gas. The values for security are reflected by the use of UMA’s optimistic oracle and the full audit by OpenZeppelin. The migration opened the day before launch, $23 million moving to V2 from the USDC pool, and 4600 WETH were migrated from the WETH pool.

While the Across team was prepping for migration and launch, the Across community (including me) was planning an amazing 24-hour party. I got into party mood and dressed for the occasion. 

Across v2 was launched by the community. Pressing the launch button added the users in a draw for $1000 in ACX tokens. In only few days after the launch, Across had 10,000 new users and over $30 million in total volume over the bridge.  

The launch party had many events planned throughout the day, covering all time-zones! A party without cake and sweets is no real party, and this is why the day started with a red velvet cupcakes baking competition. The results were amazing and I think this event needs to happen again.

The Chess Tournament was next and I blame the lag and the time zone for my poor run. I had to wake up early morning and play while getting my son ready for school. I managed to finish 7th, with three wins from 6 games.

Poker Night with PVM was beyond my bed time, but I had to be awake as I was hosting the event. I finished 5th from 51 registered players and had a walk down memory lane, back to the uni days (or uni nights) when poker tournaments were both a way to socialize and to earn money.

I was asked what I love at Across, and the 1st thing I could think about it is that ... we are writing history. We created a strong community, a big family, from zero. We created and maintained the fastest and most secure bridge in a short period of time, and all the work was ground-breaking. 

I am not praising Across because I use it and I like it, I am praising Across because is the best bridge! The analytics shows that Across is 41% cheaper than the closes competitor. Looking at the fees, some competitors will need a bigger chart to fit they ridiculously high fees.

Reading all the above, and knowing that Across can save you money ... how dare you using another bridge? Also, the Arbitrum Odyssey started and the bridge users can get NFTs and prizes for using  Across.

I like Across Protocol so much that I designed a second t-shirt, using Byron's fine art as the center-piece! The troll wants to get his toll... but the fee will be low with Across!

However, if Across will ever sponsor a football team... this is how I would like the kit to look! The design is as fresh as the bridge, and the colors are as innovative as the bridging system. When official Across merch?

If you had enough reading today...  you can enjoy a meme bonanza! I spent the launch party creating lots of memes, and here are some of the good ones. It's your choice if you use the expensive bridge or Across!

I am just highlighting the facts...  Across is the fastest, cheapest and most secure ETH bridge. Above everything else, Across is genuinely good, and has a top community.

I am a simple man in a complex Cryptoverse. I will not use any other bridge than Across because I value every penny, and I don't want to waste my assets by using a more expensive tool.

PVM is a simple man, and will refuse to use ancient ETH bridges. Everything at Across is attractive! 

Meanwhile, the Across V2  keyword was trending. If you were looking for a Across v2 using Presearch, then you hit one of my staked key words? Then you came across my staked keywords! 

Presearch is a decentralized search engine powered by the $PRE tokens. You can earn them by doing the searches you do for free on google, and use them to stake keywords. The vision was to provide a secure network, to decentralize the search ecosystem and reward users who provide value to the search system. I staked 20 keywords on Presearch in a mission to aid crypto-friends to #BridgeForLess. The keyword staking helped people to find and use Across Protocol, making their crypto journey hustle free.

I added the Across v2 keyword on launch day, and in half day already had 18 views. Eight of them used the link to check the upgraded Across, and hopefully they discovered how cheap and fast are the transactions.

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