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Welcome to Biswap - Prepare to be charmed!

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The time to try Biswap has come! I seen so many positive mentions that I had to try it! Let's see what unique tools the DEX has and if it can improve the users DeFi journey!

What is Biswap?

Biswap is a decentralized exchange, with direct peer-to-peer crypto trading, staking options, launchpools and NFT market. What's different? Biswap is the 1st DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a 3-type referral system and the lowest exchange fee 0.1% in the Defi space! On top of the above benefits, they organize regular competitions and events!

Anno Domini MMXXII: PVM lands on Biswap! He is greeted by Robi, the yet to be devoted assistant! I already feel some good vibes and if the team reads this, I want Robi 10,000 generative art NFTs for profile pictures! (If this happens please send me one for the idea)

You know I am interested in a project when I follow them on Twitter, to be up to date with the news and updates. The Biswap Twitter account is a giant.. with over 300,000 followers! 

As I dived into the platform, I discovered that Biswap referral system is truly unique! Every user can invite their friends and earn crypto together. Every user can earn up to 20% from the swap commission and 5% from the earnings on Farms and Launchpools. All the analytics are displayed in a user-friendly dashboard, with clear and easy to understand data.

The $BSW token powers the Biswap ecosystem, as an utility token with a huge user base and multiple usage. The $BSW token can be used for trading and a wide variety of additional benefits. The token distribution is professional, with 80.7% being distributed through farms and lanchpools.  The team kept only 9% and 4.3% of the supply will be shared through the referral system.

My Biswap Journey!

It was easier for me to buy a bag of $BSW from Binance, as the token has trading pairs with Tether ($USDT), Binance USD, Binance Coin ($BNB), Ethereum ($ETH) and $TRY from Try.Finance.

I bought 332 $BSW and sent them from Binance to Binance Smart Chain. The market fee was only 0.33 BSW, and the transaction was completed in less then a minute. With the tokens on BSC, I started my Biswap exploration.

I am a fan of single staking and the Launchpool with 35.37% APY looks like a good deal. The only downside is the 25% unstaking fee before the deadline, but is not bothering be as I plan to HODL.

Approving quickly and staking 332.24 $BSW in the Launnchpool! The best part of BSC is the low fees, as casual staking is not possible on Ethereum. Assets staked and now is time for passive income!

Came back the next day, to check how things are going. I farmed 0.335 $BSW in one day, which will produce 30 $BSW in the 90 days stake period.

Only 79 days left and the farming goes as expected... I am really charmed by Biswap! With 3 BSW earned and many more to come, this single staking pool is a real gem. I am curious to see what I will receive as a bonus for holding 90 days in the Launchpool! 

Exploring Biswap Dashboard!

Trading on Biswap is easy, as the dashboard is simplified for easy understanding. The "EARN" tab contains earning opportunities, including farms, launchpools, IDOs and the referral program.

The NFT tab has the links to all NFT related actions, including staking, upgrades and NFT Boosts.  The Win tab directs the users towards the Lottery and Competitions.

Biswap olso offers a wide range of products, from analytics, voting and charity, to news and audit details. Biswap looks complete and innovative, and worth using. The mix of tools and opportunities gives a good incentive to any time of users.

Taking advantage of Biswap on Binance

I can see that Biswap has all the attributes to become one of the top DEXs in the Cryptoverse and I decided to make a bold move! I got a fresh bag of $BSW during the hardest dip of the market. Spent some spare found I had on Binance to buy x $BSW.

The Binance locked staking APY was slightly higher then on Biswap but they can sold out quickly. I was fortunate to find allocation and I staked 

The perpetually locked the staking earnings into 30 days stacking, the only one left available. 

Residual income:

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Written by   1063
1 month ago
Topics: Biswap, Bsc, Binance, DEX, Business, ...
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