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VENARI KNIFER - The Assassin's Guild Splinterlands Challenge

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2 months ago

Splinterlands brings a new challenge, one that reminded me about my World of Warcraft Undead Rogue. Melcul was a rogue assassin, thief and master of poisons, and this Venari Knifer has identical set of skills.

"Venari Knifers are specialized rogues, assassins, and thieves that make their living through shadier dealings in the Realm of Silence underneath Praetoria. They often work as part of criminal organizations or guilds, taking on contracts to put more gold in their pockets. When the Chaos Legion's agents came to Praetoria, many Venari Knifers saw them as new benefactors for their mercenary work. Using the tunnels that run beneath the surface world, the Knifers move like shadows in the night to strike at their opponents."

Melcul had legendary weapons, the Twin Blades of Azzinoth ... ultra rare drop from The Betrayer. The Venari Knifers have the Knifer Rigs, a deadly weapon powered by magic and pneumatics, six fully articulated blades and rods carried on the back. Close range is equal to a quick death.

The Venari Knifer is a common Earth Splinter card from the Chaos Legion upgrade. It costs 6 mana and comes with 7 health, 2 melee attack, 4 speed and Thorns. Will gain Backfire at level six.

Earth is life... when Earth is not deadly! Armored Up battle rules will give 2 extra armor to all monsters, but 16 mana cap will not give me enough options for a full powered Obsidian team.

Obsidian: +1 Spell Power

Venari Knifer: Main Tank with Roots

Goblin Psychic: Caster with Heal

It was roots v roots as the Knifer will battle the Cursed Windeku. The Goblin kept my assassin with high health points but the real opponent is the Life Sapper. If it will be left unchallenged, will grow the health too high to nuke.

The Venari Knifer has fallen, but fortunately the Goblin took down the Windeku and healed himself. Is now Healing v Life Leech, as the Death Elemental will be the goblin's next victim.

It's the final duel, and my Goblin starts as the underdog. The Life Sapper starts the 1v1 at 6 HP and the Goblin at 3 HP. It took 4 more rounds to break the balance and deal more damage then the life leech. See the full battle here!

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Written by   1060
2 months ago
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