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I got my first Unstoppable Domain in December 2022, as part of their collaboration with Trust Wallet. The campaign was available for Trust Wallet users, with a free domain that will match the Twitter handle. The usual price was $20 so I was thrilled to mint pvmihalache.wallet for free. 

I quickly verified my Twitter account and minted my domain. The Unstoppable Domain users can use the wallet address immediately after minting, even when the address is deployed into the blockchain and the wallet details are written.

pvmihalache.wallet is now mine forever, no extra payments, no hidden fees or hustle. I updated my Twitter handle and I am now using my Unstoppable Domain as my new web3 identity.

Crash Course: Unstoppable Domains is like ENS, offering customized names for crypto wallets. The San Francisco-based company wants to connects Web2 to Web3 through the use of blockchain domains, linking a blockchain-connected web address similar to a URL. The users can combine over 275 crypto wallets into a single name, and owning the domain for life.

A new offer arrived in my inbox, inviting me to mint a .nft domain. This domain was a bit different, having a focus on social media account and Web3 applications. My Twitter account was checked and the $20 fee was written off! 

Minted pvmihalche.nft and waited for the domain to be deployed on the blockchain. Happy with my second domain, and happy with Unstoppable Domains. Do you feel how Web3 will bloom in 2023?

The next step was to link all my social media accounts with the domain, and centralize all under pvmihalache.nft in less then 5 minutes. It's bit like linktree but for Web3. Using my PoolTogether NFT as my profile picture adds an extra positivity! 

Unstoppable Domains had 2,700,000 registered domains when I joined, helping the UD owners to link over 290 coins and tokens. They are constantly expanding in the Metavers, being  integrated in over 550 Web3 Dapps and Protocols. 

They had to celebrate 3,000,000 domain minted and offered another round of free domains to match the Twitter handle. This offer was available for everyone, no strings attached.

As pvmihalache.wallet and pvmihalache.nft were already in my bag, I had to opt for a different domain. I lacked creativity in that moment so I went for the boring 0xpvmihalache.nft format. I could have chosen some better names but it was to late and my brain was already asleep. Have you minted any domain lately? If not.... sign in for the newsletter! New offers are constantly sent to those who opted to receive emails.

I am smashing it in the Metaverse, and got the Ready Player Me avatar for free. Another cool collaboration from Unstoppable Domains, with an avatar that can be used cross-chain and cross-games. I added my standard profile picture but the AI made me much younger and slimmer ... and in Paris!

New month and a new offer from Unstoppable Domains! The collaboration with Opera is sharing free .nft domains, which usually cost 20 USD. I already minted pvmihalache.nft so I was offered an alternative ... and realpvmihalache is acceptable! Have you minted yours?

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Oh, the Ready Player Me free avatar is intriguing.. I wonder how my avatar looks 😆

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1 month ago

Go check it out....think they are still available

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1 month ago

Yeah I've tried it. It's cool, I've changed my avatar here with it's results 😊

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1 month ago

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1 month ago

20$ is the lifetime cost or monthly you have to pay to pursue using this domain? Wonderful step, as the upcoming era is of AI & metaverse etc, it's adventurous to explore new things. As far as my experience in the crypto and nft world is very bad because I entered in this field without proper learning

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1 month ago