Three Years On Publish0x - The Story Behind The Glory

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6 months ago

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. -J.R.R. Tolkien

New Achievement Unlocked - 3 Years On Publish0x

It's a fact that time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time, and I enjoy wasting time writing about my life. It started with a bit of crypto, a bit of wellness, a bit of travel ... until crypto done a hostile takeover.

What a journey .... what a journey has been since 2nd of March 2020! Exactly 1096 days later ... I am still here ... celebrating with my P0xBros! 

Since I was 15 or 16 years old, I had my personal blog, where I was writing all sorts of funny stories or adventures, opinions about events and my own artistic creations. Was something that resembles a lot to the Sarcasm Saturday series, but for teenagers'. I was writing about pick up lines, weird chats on mIRC, hype socials like Hi5 and other things that young crypto bros have no clue.

I got few cents for my first article, then few more cents, and kept posting on a daily basis. I look behind at those "articles" and man they were crap, such poor quality that hurts my eyes. Somehow I managed to write for a month and got hooked up! 

It can't be a celebration post without music! Yes... it's another "play and read" article! I am here to educate you... am I ready to motivate you! 

You could go the distance
You could  run the mile
You could  walk straight through hell with a smile

You could be the hero
You could  get the gold
Breaking all the records that thought, never could be broke
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The world turned into a weird place, as the Covid-19 pandemic took the front page. The crypto market collapsed and the world went into quarantine. Most of the world, as I never had a day off work during lockdown. Being a frontline keyworker didn't gave me the "work from home" opportunity, but I had extra time with all football cancelled. 

My writing style didn't shifted, but the overall quality of my posts improved. I started reading more about crypto, done research and explored the blockchain opportunities.

My daily routine still orbits around  Publish0x! I check the telegram group, check the new posts, drop some tips and comments, and then I prepare the daily article. Speaking of the telegram group...  big respect for the admins for always being there to keep the new users updated, even if I personally believe that new user should do their homework and read the tutorial which answers all the basic questions.

The Story Behind The Glory!

Wow... PVM has nearly 6000 followers! Wow... he is so lucky! Do you wanna know the story behind the glory? Like every average guy that "made it!" ... I put effort in it! I wrote at least one article per day in the last 1096 days, and gave time to my followers! I will reply to comments, I will read their article, give constructive feedback and I will help when someone will reach me for assistance.

Most will see the winners but will not see the blood, sweet and tears. You don't see the tears they cried, the prayers they prayed, or the countless night they went without sleep to get there.

And here is me... standing in front of you with motivational BS! I have only one advice... work until you hold in your hands what you seen in your head! Find the joy in little things, and celebrate every little win. Gordon Ramsey said that to never take the foot off the gas because you are as good as your last plate! I implemented this mindset into my writing, and I am turning into a monster when it comes to writing competitions

Publish0x will always be "home"!

Why? Because P0x gave me the chance to shine... P0x opened the doors that made me step into the unknown and become who I am today. I discovered NFTs through Publish0x and received my first CryptomonKey. I got into DeFi after reading an article about Harvest Finance, and made a bunch of crazy friends around the world. Then let's talk about airdrops .... and $8000 worth of $Forth! The most unexpected and biggest crypto airdrop I ever received!

Achievements, DAO involvement, charitable events, giveaways and crypto opportunities came and went in the last three years! However... I can brag about something that not many can! I got retweeted by Dan the Man! I said it back then and I will say it again and again.... P0x is HOME! 

Can you make a living from writing? Sorry to disappoint you but this must be treated as a hobby! PVM is not anon, PVM is an open book! I earned a big-ish bag of crypto if you look at the numbers, but do the math and you will see it's $90 per month. I probably spend more than 90 dollars per month on herbs, spices, rubs and steak! If you want to write ... enjoy it! Everything else is a bonus! 

Three years gone from a humble beginning, and I am delighted to have reached 6 digit views per month. Haters gonna hate, and dislikes are part of the glory. What makes you hustle more? What's your content creator dream for 2023?

The Party Giveaway!

Felix shared some shitcoins for his P0x anniversary, so I have to go bigger! I am giving one NFT to absolutely everyone who leaves the 0x wallet in the comments... absolutely everyone! Check the hidden tab on Opensea to find the gift! 

Can I send one NFT to everyone what leaves the wallet in the comments? The answer is YES! I have 1133 NFTs ready to share ... and in case 1134 people will comment ... my apologies to the one that came late to the party!

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6 months ago


That's definitely a success, good financial numbers but what have this image with the Ukrainian flag have to do here? It's irrelevant it seems it's just a stupid post of russian propaganda, it's sad if you repeat it

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6 months ago

It was the hot topic of 2022 and the main talking point for the majority of the people. Memes are just memes but I must say you have a fair point. Was far from russian propaganda, specially when as a Romanian I was actively involved into supporting Ukraine and the refugees that came in my country.

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6 months ago

Thanks for the support! I was in Romania in past and maybe will visit in the future I was interested in visiting Carpathian mountains there

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6 months ago

It's a beautiful place to visit. Also the sea side is nice

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6 months ago

Yes, I was in Eferie Nord for around a week To be honest I didn't like it much, it was very hot, many people, so the "sea" aspect wasn't so great, but it was interesting to be in another environment

However it was cheaper to go for some all-inclusive trip to Turkey or even UAE (maybe not in summer, as it would be to hot, but few months later)

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6 months ago

Was going each year when I was a teenager and the fun was great. I agree now that it's better in Turkey or Dubai

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6 months ago

Yes, and I mean only from "sea" and infrastructure point of view, from cultural point - it's good to travel, and who knows maybe I will visit Constanta some day, as I only was passing by

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6 months ago