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The Plutus Card - The Next Generation of Finance

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2 weeks ago
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I can't remember who told me about Plutus first, it may be Sugarfix, but that guy deserves a medal! I checked with Plutus after the recommendation, as I was told they are better than and I decided to see if it's true or fake. They promote themselves as the next generation finance app, with thousand of users across Europe.

Plutus offers a non-custodial card, available in the EEA, and the possibility to link personal crypto wallets like Metamask to your Plutus card. The process is completed without revealing your private keys, offering an extra layer of security. This innovative card gives control over the assets and facilitates the swap of crypto into spendable balance.

I decided to give it a try and ordered my Plutus card. I am always honest and the waiting time was a joke, about 3 months, but I finally arrived in a rainy mid-October. It arrived faster then the estimate as this was 24 weeks if I remember well.

What Plutus offers to their clients? Money management and financial services similar to banks, but in a way that empower the customers. The Plutus Card users earn 3% cashback in $PLU for each transaction. The crypto can be converted into card balance through the Plutus DEX. 

The vision is to create user-friendly crypto-fiat synergy, via the DApp that mirrors a classic mobile banking app. The team of veterans built the Plutus App to ensure the safety of the customers, without any 3rd party interaction. One of the best things I found while doing the research is that Plutus is compliant across with the financial regulations in multiple regions, ensuring the longevity in today's ever-changing market.

As every other service, there are multiple packages, perks and staking levels. You can have a basic-free account with minimal perks or a paid package with enhanced benefits. I opted for the free option, with 3% crypto cashback in $PLU on £250 per month and one perk. 

I will stake my PLU once I reach 250 $PLU tokens to upgrade my cashback to 4% and the perks to 4! No idea how long will take but I hope will be a good journey! 

You have 21 perks to chose from, including free subscription tp Netflix, Spotify, Apple One, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime. The other perks are up to £10 cashback per month in various shops (Tesco, Sainsburys, Aldi, Lidl, etc) or services (ebay, UBER, AirBNB, Shell, etc). I have my Netflix subscription on so I had to go for a different perk.

The Plutus mobile app is easy to browse, and the Rewards page is the place to check perks, additional benefits and track earnings. I wanted to have cashback for shopping, and I was undecided between Aldi, Lidl and Sainsubrys I choose Tesco!

The analytics on the Reward tab will help users focus on growth, stacking $PLU and unlock more rewards. As my card was delivered mid-October, I had only 2 weeks to take advantage of the monthly perk. Was time to go to Tesco! 

The Plutus Card can be topped up from any other bank card, and is no fee for deposits. reduced my cashback from 3% to 2% and added a 1% fee for the card deposits, so you can understand why Plutus is now a better option. 

I used the card for my shopping and the contactless worked perfectly. The PLU rewards will be credited once the transactions are confirmed, although sometimes it may require additional time. My $PLU reward between 17th of October and 31st of October was 3.98 tokens, of which 1.99 (£16.04) is already available for conversion into spendable balance.

If you think the Plutus Card is something that suits your spending patterns, then use my referral link and we both earn $10 worth of $PLU. It worth mentioning that I was required to top-up my card with £20 before order it, but 100% of the deposit is added as spending balance. There are no hidden fees or small prints to worry about! 

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Written by   1119
2 weeks ago
Topics: Plutus, $PLU, Defi, Banking, Crypto, ...
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