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The Club1BCH UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football - Round 5 Review

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4 weeks ago

The Champions League gone crazy! What happened on Wanda Metropolitano was insane, when players where called back after the final whistle for a VAR penalty ... which was missed! MADNESS!

The same madness was replicated in the Fantasy League, where the last place scored the most points in this round and FreeAgentz slowly breaking away on the top!

Milan smashed Dinamo Zagreb, Leipzig beat Real Madrid and Dortmund maintained a 0-0 against Manchester City. PSG and Messi created a magical game in their 7-2 against Maccabi Haifa, while Benfica added some drama in their 4-3 win against Juventus.

Barcelona is out of the Champions League after losing 3-0 against Bayern, Spurs had a late goal against Sporting but VAR ruled it out, Porto trashed the unbeaten Brugge, while Liverpool scored three against Ajax.

Heruvim Angels scored 86 points in the 5th round, with a magical Messi as a captain and Robertson going alpha defender.

It looks like most of the managers went for Mbappe as their captain, so the results where close. I scored low because Napoli played with the reserves, probably resting the top players for the Serie A fixtures and the group final battle against Liverpool.

FreeAgentz going full steam ahead, with 41 points more than Konttyrat FC. We seen @HappyBoy going third, after @Crypto_Politics went for Haaland as his (poor) captain instead of Mbappe!

I am staying 5th, with @Carabageac94 and Pace Setter chasing my place. It's an interesting battle for the last place, and the next games will see @Olasquare and @H3ruvim78 fighting for survival.

The prize pool is now 0.534 BCH, thanks to few boost-ups by @Ruffa @bmjc98 and shares from my Fantasy Football articles. Bigger prize pool means a higher slice of BCH sent to charity!

The prize pot value reached 0.534 Bitcoin Cash, and will be shared between the top 4 managers. The winner will receive 45% of the pot, the runner-up will receive 25%, with 15% for the third place and 5% for the manager that will finish the season on the 4th place.

The remaining 10% will be sent to a The Giving Block charity, and will let the top managers choose which charity organization will benefit from the Club's donation.

The crypto charity donations were simplified by The Giving Block , the best place to use crypto for charity. They innovated the space since 2018, and implemented new fundraising methods in the crypto landscape.

The last Club1BCH campaign raised over $3000 for Save the Children!  Huge bags of $SHIB were raised, Ethereum and 6.658 $BCH ($2,250 on the day) were raised and sent to  The Giving Block!

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Written by   1119
4 weeks ago
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3 weeks ago

It's a battle for survival really and at this stage, I am taking off Benzema and adding Messi to my team. My midfield need some shaking up too. I believe I can beat the drop.

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3 weeks ago

Messi is the GOAT 😀

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4 weeks ago

Best of luck to the winners and get bch as the prices

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4 weeks ago

Some time watch UEFA Champions League It is very interesting league. I like very much football game...

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4 weeks ago