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Talking Crypto with Gabriel Haines #1 - My source of quality crypto knowledge

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2 weeks ago

The Cryptoverse changes constantly and evolves at a different speed than IRL! How do I know so much about crypto? To keep my game up at high standards I read, research, follow and listen to various people. Gabriel Haines is one of the top blokes in the trade, and he will constantly bring high standard content about new and promising projects.

Gabriel Haines is a titan on social media, with numbers that I only dream to reach in the future. He joined Twitter in 2015, early bird, and currently has 12,000 followers. 

For real time interaction, I recommend the Talking Crypto Telegram Group, where Gabriel interacts with his 1500 subscribers. The group is the perfect place to discuss about cryptocurrencies, DeFi trends and upcoming NFTs.

However, his Youtube channel is my favourite learning one-stop. Even if I am busy with something else, or I am doing my play2earn tasks, I will put his newest video in the background and listen. This way I am being time-efficient and I am learning or assimilating knowledge.

October Talking Crypto Hot Videos! 

Interview with Eva Beylin from The Graph Protocol

The top indexing protocol for querying networks. The Graph created the perfect API for decentralized data access.

Interview with Hannes Graah from Gro Protocol

The stablecoin yield aggregator that tranches the risk and yelds.

Interview with Zemm and Zach from Coordinape

The best tool for sharing rewards in DAOs or other projects that are aiming for decentralized collaborations. 

Interview with Zeus from Olympus DAO! 

Interview with the Big Boss of the Pantheon!! Yes ... please! The Olympus DAO community owned DeFi infrastructure is set to bring stability and transparency. The Olympus decentralized reserve currency protocol based on the OHM token powered by PCV (Protocol Controlled Value) and backed by a basket of crypto assets.

Interview with Andras Kristof from Ether Cards! 

The Ether Cards are dynamic NFTs that can be used both for gamification and in real life. The Ether Cards can activate discounts, activate bonuses, used as tickets, connect to physical items or upgrade features. Projects can bootstrap the services and integrate customized dynamic NFTs.

Interview with Jonathan Hillis

Jonathan is one of the founder of Creator Cabins! This DAO is a community of cabins for creators, both online and IRL. 

Talking Crypto links:

Talking Crypto Telegram

Talking Crypto Youtube

Gabriel Haines Twitter


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Written by   752
2 weeks ago
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The artice was all about helping others, uou mention someone worth listening, it is too good to see and find someone here who cares for others too. I am very happy to get someone to follow, I am going to learn and the best part were the links where you shared, they will help me a lot.

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2 weeks ago

I think i should follow him on twitter haha

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2 weeks ago