SuperUMAns #40 - Humble Tractors AI 4 Charity NFTs

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This feels like an important milestone, reaching 40 articles under the SuperUMAns series. Must be about #ProofOfTractor and the Humble Tractors collection, but with a touch of humanity and attitude of gratitude. 

I minted my first collection on Opensea on the 20th of June 2022, as a social experiment. Half year ago I minted 60 unique 1:1 Photography NFTs of the tractor landmark you may recognize from the Harvest Finance Creativity Contest. 

The collection integrated KPI options from Outcome and the holders received tokens and airdrops. Each KPI was linked to the trade volume, and was redeemed for 0.5 USDC at the end of October. The Humble Tractors holders also received one free NFT from a spin-off collection.  

Humble Tractors - Hey! was pure harvest... as you put your tractor to work and you get a good stack of hay. The collection has only 36 unique NFTs and all will be shared by the end of 2022.

I linked the Humble Tractors and good deeds through the 3rd collection, a collection that will help those in needs. AI 4 Charity brings Artificial Intelligence into action, as I used the Lens tool to mint 10 tractors. The limited edition collection aims to enhance the festive season, with the whole trading volume to be donated through  TheGivingBlock.

Check it out and help me to support underprivileged people this Christmas! 

The auctions are live until the 20th of December, when the event will wrap up and all the crypto will be donated. I am happy that half of the NFTs have bids on them, and I hope that the collection will be sold out. 

The tip bids are on Stardust and Humble Pyramids, both at 0.03 ETH. Big thank you to Papa Clayton for being an absolute legend! Stardust was minted using "humble tractor", "magic field" and "Northern Lights" as keywords, and the result is psychedelic

I asked the Lens AI to generate a humble tractor at the pyramids, with a touch of celebration. The pyramids are nice, the fireworks are gorgeous but the tractor's left wheel is weird. 

The bronze medal goes to the best educator in the SuperUMAns family, neondaemon bidding 35 USDC on his way To The Moon! This NFT was minted by AI after I asked to generate a humble tractor landing on the Moon. 

The 0.1 ETH bid on Crypto Winter make me feel more grateful to the amazing relations that are built in the Crypto space. I don't know who reinis.eth is but I am sure the money will bring some joy to some. Thank you reinis for you kind gesture and expect a gift before Christmas. 

Two small bids on Ouh-La-La and The Wall, at 0.042 ETH. They will add another $11 in the charity pot, and deliver festive vibes this Christmas. Ouh-La-La was minted using "Love" , "Paris" and "Humble Tractor" as keywords.

The Wall was minted using the keywords "Great Wall of China" and "Humble Tractor". The AI generated landscape is mind-blowing, and this reminds me to add a visit at The Wall on my bucket list.

There were still four NFTs without any bid, a good opportunity to grab a Humble Tractor at a bargain price and also help with this charitable event. What happens in the Cryptoverse , Deep Blue , Let it Snow and Statue of Liberty are ready to find a new owner, starting at 0.0043 ETH (approximately 5.5 USD)

Things changed quickly as @emily2u and Poopster bid USDC, and there are now only two left unchallenged!

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