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Superumans #37 - The Humble Tractors Raffle and Hey! NFTs Minting

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2 weeks ago
Topics: Humble Tractors, NFT, Hey!, Polygon, NFTs, ...

Can't believe that the SuperUMAns series reached the 37th article! Lots happened in the last weeks and the new structure of the DAO is taking shape. Today will be about Humble Tractors, KPI options and the spin-off collection that was airdropped to the holders.

The Humble Tractors project is now 4 months old, just a little baby! The show must go on and the party includes KPI options bonanza to the holders and Hey NFT airdrops! The Humble Tractors - Hey! collection is a little spin-off that I created to reward those that supported my social experiment.

Basically ... it's pure harvest... as you put your tractor to work and you get a good stack of hey. There are only 36 unique NFTs , which were distributed to Humble Tractors holders and as prizes for PVM Entertainment and Leisure competitions.

Everything is focused on the Humble Tractors, where the floor price is set low at 0.0176 ETH. The number of unique holders grew to 22, from June to November, and I am honestly impressed that the sales went so well. I was afraid no one will support this crazy idea by PVM, but it looks I have a lot of crypto bros! 

I am grateful to Benny Bumbi, the creator of SnkrsWax, for the support, logo and POAP! I am thankful to the SuperUMAns for the support and guidance in setting up the Humble Tractors KPI options powered by Outcome. My personal ambition was to have the first ever NFT collection with integrated KPI Options... and I've done it! 

The Humble Tractors KPI Option expired on the 31st of  October 2022, at 8 PM GMT. The value per KPI is 0.5 USDC, redeemable on UMAverse. Read all about it in SuperUMAns #32 - Humble Tractors NFTs KPI Options


I concluded two events, the raffle and the Hey! airdrop! Every single holder of a Humble Tractor NFT received a raffle ticket, and those that had more had more chances to win. New owners received 2 tickets per NFT, and this idea was successful as 2 of 5 winners were new Tractor holders.

Fruitycup was one of the new holders, as he went for the B&W version! WE RIDE BRO ... WE RIDE! 

I added all the holders on the wheel of names and spin it! It turned and turned like the tractor rolls on the hill, until finally stopping at 0xE26117C1721E904d87f1a56c723B7AC13E69041C for 40 KPI options. The amount is redeemable for 20 USDC, which means that this lucky winner got the Humble Tractors for free! 

Done the wheel again, for four more prizes of 10 KPI each, and FruityCup.eth - 0xBc005Fa1476d6E4f582B6B067D15D4ed512536ae - 0x239b74C2e5505634B7C38c8Eeb1De385a16E24e2 and 0xf15409fBF9e95c5fCb2c4949bcafC25eB2cA1aC0 got the gods of random in their favor. Two of them were new Humble Tractors owners and got to tickets in the raffle.

I also organized the Humble Tractors and Friends poker tournament on the  28th of October, with PoolTogether delegation and Humble Tractors NFTs as prizes:

  • 1st place - 100 USDC delegated on PoolTogether for a month plus 1 Humble Tractor NFT

  • 2nd - 50 USDC delegated on PoolTogether for a month plus 1 Hey! NFT

  • 3rd - 25 USDC delegated on PoolTogether for a month plus 1 Hey! NFT

Why is PoolTogether delegated liquidity better than any other prize? Because you will earn $OP tokens and you will be eligible for prizes in the daily draw. There are 545 daily prizes, divided in three tiers. One of the LP providers, or someone who has delegated liquidity, will win $1000 USDC.

How to join the superUMAns?

The SuperUMAns are the community’s ninja troops and the people who bring the community to life. All you have to do to become a superUMAn join our brand new Discord channel and put your talents to good use! There is always room for another superUMAn! 

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Written by   1119
2 weeks ago
Topics: Humble Tractors, NFT, Hey!, Polygon, NFTs, ...
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