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Stone Golem Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge - Pebbles, rocks and boulders

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6 months ago

Pebbles, rocks and boulders ... this weekly battle challenge needs a golem! There are few golems lurking the Splinterlands but few are as hard as the Stone Golem. We all know that even a small pebble can create an avalanche ... and this massive Stone Golem can easily create earthquakes and landslides!

This colossal construct is a rare Earth monster, from the Alpha/Beta edition. The melee rock fists giant has the Shield ability at level one and gains Stun at level 5.

The Battle of Life and Order

Battle Rules and Line-up: Normal battle rules with 99 mana means that both players can select their top team, disregarding the mana cost. It's the best occasion to flex my muscle and select those monsters that are usually to expensive to fit in a team.

Summoner: Drake or Arnak: +1 armor to friendly monsters

Stone Golem - Main Tank with Shield

Nectar Queen - 2nd Tank with Flying

Sand Worm - OP Melee with Sneek

Centauri Mage - Caster with Return Fire

Wood Nymph - Caster with Tank Heal

Goblin Mech - 3rd Tank with Piercing

It's the first battle for a while when I don't get the Furious Chicken in the team but this line-up can't get any better. I can't complain for replacing the chicken with a badass Goblin Mech!

Round 1 was to test of strength, without causalities. Everything changed in round 2 when I took down the opponent Shieldbearer but I lost the Wood Nymph. However, it managed to heal the Stone Golem twice and boost my chances to win the battle.

With no support and healing, the Stone Golem was shattered into pebbles. The Nectar Queen came to stop the invaders and did well to keep them at bay, as the enemy struggled to hit a flying target. The Cave Slug was squashed and the Elven Defender life was hanging by a thread!

The battle had lot of grinding, and took me while to neutralize the enemy armor. Up to Round 9 was all gloom and doom, without clear signals on who will win the fight. The drama is entertained by the Centauri Mage and the Goblin Mech, the only monsters that survived so far.

Round 11 - Centauri Mage keeps returning fire, damaging the Peacebringer. Even so, it was hard for the Centauri to survive the constant surge of damage and left the Goblin Mech alone. It's time for a last stand against the Balance of the Life Splinter.

Round 14 ... man what a long battle! It was Round 14 when the Goblin Mech delivered the killing blow to the Knight and then had no mercy against the ranged minion. See the full battle here!

Is the Stone Golem a top option for main tank? Don't think so! Believe it or not... this was the first time using it and will probably be the last as well. When I play the Earth Splinter I use the Nectar Queen for overpowered damage and a considerable amount of Health Points.

Did the Stone Golem helped today? As much as any other monster, but it wasn't a game changer! The fight was won by some random events such as miss and return fire with the big boost from having a better hand.


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Written by   1005
6 months ago
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saludo amigo excelente información

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Each monster has its own advantages, as long as you know them thoroughly, they can be useful in various circumstances.

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