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Splinterlands Weekly Challenge -Dragons, Djinns and Girls in Bikinis'

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1 week ago

It's Dragons Fashion Week in the Splinterlands, as Dragons, Djinns and Girls in Bikinis' are competing on the stage. Who will be voted as the hottest monster in the world?

Renova, Inferni and Chwala want the fashion award for Team Djinn and to prove their point top selected cards status.

The Drake of Arnak was my summoner choice, a stylish medium-sized Dragon hybrid. He is in trend with the fashion, highly intelligent and extremely rich, but cannot fly nor breathe fire. All his life he has honed his skills as a summoner, hoping to win glory through battle!

My choice for the Drake as a dragon summoner was simple because it's my only dragon summoner. This guy is a keeper!

The Djinns are the last line of defense against the Chaos Legion. When is not fighting for survival, Djinn Renova likes to shop, browse the fashion outlets and try lingerie from Victoria Secret.

This epic Life unit will strengthen the allies, boosting their health points, and ensure a bit of glimmer and beauty in the team. Starts with 6 health, 2 magic damage and 2 speed, earning Triage at level four.

Djinn Chwala is one of the djinns with even more power than before, embracing the force of the Planet for enhancement. Pursuit of power was at the core of Belludae beliefs, so most of them would make small sacrifices for greater power.

Chwala is the perfect tank, with 9 health points, 5 armor and Roots ability on top of that! Not the prettiest Djinn but a wild one for sure!

Djinn Inderni is one of the most powerful creatures in Pretoria. He is the eldest of the fire wardens, the ancient spirits of flame that dwell in the deepest rivers of stone. Inferni often judge the fashion competitions, and ensures that the clothes are too hot to handle.

Djinn Inferni is the full package, with 3 speed and 3 magic damage. He is a giant slayer, doing double damage on monsters that cost 10 mana or more.

Life is better when your Djinn is Sexy! The fashion battle started at 28 mana cap and Close Range, with all ranged being able to use arrows from point blank!

Drake of Arnak: +1 Armor to all friendly monsters

Djinn Chwala: Dragon OP Tank with Roots

Djinn Renove: Caster with Strenghen

Pelacor Arbalest: Ranged with Double Strike

Uraeus - Melee with Sneak

It was a battle of beauty, and my Djinn Renova was the clear winner. Beautiful djinn, against the hungry hippo Sloane and and elderly Divine don't want to see those two in bikinis'.

It's always hard to play against the Shieldbearer and the healing was a clear bonus for my opponent. Not only that their tank was healed twice, but it got some armor repair as well.

I ended up tank-less in round two, and Renova had to handle the bullseyes for the rest of the battle. The Shieldbearer got two more heals and a repair, and it looks like Renova will end up top-less if their tank is not nuked quickly!

... and the Shieldbearer lived to tell the story! I suffered a heavy defeat and I learned that beauty and silk bikinis' will not make your team play better. See the full battle here!

A Thousand Years of Slumber! Normal battle-rules and 26 mana cap for Djinn infused battle. Fire, Magic and Dragons must make a team that will scorch the competition!

Drake of Arnak: +1 Armor to all friendly monsters

Djinn Chwala: Dragon OP Tank with Roots

Ant Miners: Mini-Tank with Scavenger

Tenyii Striker: Melee with Sneak

Djinn Inferni: Caster with Giant Killer

Fire Fiend: Melee Decoy

The best thing after Life v Death is Fire v Water. The two opposite splinters can be week and strong against each other , depending on tactics and selection. My opponent Water team had a focus on attacks behind the tank. The Serpent of Eld was chosen to delay the battle, obtained by the Dodge ability.

I went for full strength and OP damage. The Fire Fiend was the first causality of the battle, but he served his purpose. It was selected as a decoy and it saved another unit from a hit and boosted the Ant Miners with Scavenger material.

The Djinns roots, melee and magical damage took the Serpent of Eld down to two health and the start of round two was hot! It was time to burn and scorch! The fashion award will come to Team Djinn!

Roots... roots baby! Deadly roots for the Serpent of Eld and the Ice Pixies, as the Djinns are granting me wish after wish... all enemies must die! Is it three wishes only? No it's not ... as my djinns are hungry for wins. Inferni decided that no other participant deserves the 1st place in this beauty contest, and keeps burning the other participants!

But no djinn lives forever! Chwala died in glorious battle, honoring the glory of the ancestral djinns, dealing a last Roots damage! However, Inferni revenged his fallen djinn friend and dealt the final blow of the battle! See the full battle here!

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Written by   1119
1 week ago
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