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Splinterlands Epic Battles - The Life Sapper's Dilemma

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2 months ago
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There are some weird creatures in the Splinterlands and the Life Sapper is a prime example. The half-alive/half-ghost mystical creature is a Dracula wannabe that no one wants to save. The paladins of Light or the healers of the world don't bother trying to save a Life Sapper as it may be the last thing they will do!

The Life Sappers have one side of their body ghostly while the other is alive. This monstrosity is a balance of life and death, as they they are neither fully living nor dead.

They feed off the energies around them, and being in the vicinity of a Life Sapper will make you feel sick and weak. They drain energy from their victims, slowly weakening and sickening them while simultaneously healing themselves.

The rare Death unit costs 3 mana, and is not the cheapest card on the market, at $0.18 per card.

It starts with 2 Health Points, 1 Magic Damage and 2 Speed, gaining Redemption at level 8. The Life Sapper is one of the most used cards in Death Splinter teams, and a top card for Equalizer Battle-Rules.

Romeo and Juliette - A poisonous story! This battle will be more tragic than R&J love story, with only 12 mana to use and both Noxious Fumes and Earthquake!

Thaddius Brood: -1 Health and -1 Spell Power to all enemy monsters

Carrion Shade: Melee with Flying

Riftwing: Support with Flying and Scavenger

Life Sapper: Caster with Life Leach

It felt like a mirror battle as the opponent went for Thaddius Brood, the Carrion Shade and the Riftwing to balance the battle-rules. The Life Sapper didn't had a chance to sap, being the first to fall! The Carrion Shade did his part and revenged the Sapper.

The earthquake hit and cleared the battleground, then the poison touched the only creatures alive ... the Nightwings! Their live essence was slowly drained and the game ended a draw! See the full battle here!

A Midsummer Dream - A deadly story! This battle had some Shakespeare vibes, with 52 mana cap and a deadly mix of rules. The monsters where boosted by True Aim and Heavy Hitters, with melee and ranged attacks always hitting the target and Knock Out ability for everyone.

Contessa L'Ament -1 Ranged Damage to enemy mosnters

Undead Rexx - OP Melee

Sand Worm - OP Melee with Sneak

Disintegrator - Melee with Demoralize

Life Sapper: Caster with Life Leach

Magi Necrosi: Caster with Snipe and Camoflage

Grim Reaper: Ranged with Affliction

The enemy choose Thaddeus and reduced my spell power and health, while my summoner reduced his ranged attack. Cursed Windeku as a tank and strong damage from behind as his tactical plan.

Don't mess with a hungry Rexx and the Grim Reaper, as both took down the Cursed Windeku with no effort. Not even a Sha-Vi can match the strength of a fully grown Sand Worm, which devoured the shadow demon in one bite!

The Undead Rexx was broken in battle, but not before taking a bone-shattering bite from the Bone Golem. It was the Sand Worm turn to go into the spotlights, tanking heroically and devouring the remaining ribs from the Bone Golem.

Hello useless rangers! What you gonna do from close range against a still hungry Sand Worm? The answer is ... become the lunch!

It was game over in few move, with the Disintegrator picking up the tank mantle and the Life Sapper draining more health from monsters with bows and arrows! See the full battle here!

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Written by   1120
2 months ago
Topics: Splinterlands, Hive, Play2earn, NFT, NFTs, ...
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