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Splinterlands Crypt Beetle Battle Challenge - This bug survived a nuclear bomb

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2 weeks ago

The Chaos Legion unleashed the cataclysm and many beasts had free passage to a new world. The explorers that ventured into crypts and necropolises were not ready for this powerful foe! The strongest undead monsters were huge insects that are having corpses (and not only)for lunch. The large beetles will fight with aggressively and bite hard to earn a meal. It's time for tales from the crypt!

Maybe I am too old, and none will get the "tales from the crypt" joke, but this Death Splinter monster is strong as a nutshell. The Crypt Beetle has the Shield ability, and will reduce damage from Melee and Ranged attacks. It costs only 3 mana and comes with 2 health points, 1 armor, 1 speed and 1 melee attack. At level 10 will reach an outstanding 5 health with 3 melee damage.

I don't have high level summoners, so my Crypt Beetle was upgraded to level three only. It can tank better as it has an extra armor and an extra speed at his level.

Surviving a nuclear bomb! It was another battle of Live and Death, as an army of armored life monsters ventured in the necropolis. Normal battle rules and only 13 mana cap was the perfect opportunity to use the Beetle.

Contessa L'Ament -1 Ranged to all enemies

Crypt Beetle - Tank with Shield

Undead Badger - Melee with Sneak

Silent Sha-vi - Melee with Sneak

The opponent team had one extra health point and two extra armor from the Truthspeaker, and it look like my team was weaker. The Celestial Harpy took down my Undead Badger, and the Stitch Leech damaged badly my Sha-vi - all this in the first round.

It all looked gloom and doom after 3 rounds, with the Crypt Beetle being alone against an army. The Silent Sha-vi took care of the Leech but fell under the Harpy talons. One against four doesn't feel fair... but maybe it is as another attack gets blocked by the beetle's shield.

Fast forward to round nine, and 11 more attacks blocked by the shield. It's now Beetle against Harpy, with the Truthspeaker as an useless unit. The tides of the battle turned in my favor, and the Life army will join the corpses resting in the crypt.

The beetle blocked 21 attacks, while the harpy dodged 3 beetle bites, but at the end the undead will ... live to fight another day! Celestial Harpy down!

Took 17 rounds to have an 1v1 chat with the Truthspeaker, and up to round 21 to make his understand the truth ... only death is 100% sure! Sarcastically, the final blow was delivered by fatigue! See the full battle here!

They say that bugs will survive every cataclysm and the above battle showed that this is a fact! The Crypt Beetle resisted to 21 attacks and won the battle thanks to his hard shell armor!

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Written by   1008
2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago

this is how you get reported

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2 weeks ago

this is insane how much damage it took I actually never used it in, will pay attention to this nuclear age beetle :)

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2 weeks ago

Was insane how off-balance this Battle looked and that I still won

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2 weeks ago