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Splinterlands Boost - 40 Chaos Legion packs opened until today

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2 weeks ago

I am nearly half way from my goal ... unwrapping 10 Chaos Legion packs. I am in a journey to boost my Splinterlands deck and I am slowly getting more packs to open. Sometimes I bought the odd card to upgrade a monster, but the plan is to see how many top cards I get from the packs.

Everyone knows how badly the Splinterlands were shaken as the new cards improved the gameplay by making it easier for newbies to build a strong deck and raise cards to higher levels. The new cards improved the gameplay, and created a smoother entry level for beginners. 

I already opened 30 packs and in this article I am opening 10 more. This are my cards sorted by rarity, with the two legendries I unwrapped until now. Check the progress below and drop any spare card or pack at @pvmihalache 

Unwrapping pack number 31: The quest to open 100 packs reached a third of the goal. Pack 31st had a rare River Nymph and some classic cards. Nothing extraordinary but staking cards was never a bad thing.

Unwrapping pack number 32: Time Mage for the higher value card, and some cards that I often use in battles. Good to add another Radiated Brute and a Hardy Stonefish in the collection.

Unwrapping pack number 33: The usual suspects... Kulu Swim Hunter and the Carrion Shade. The Rare Regal Peryton and the Goblin Psychic are part of my Obsidian Magical Team, so this drop is welcome.

The new cards did help me to create better game mechanics, and I reached Silver III again. Before the Chaos Legion re-shuffle, I was struggling to reach even Bronze II. I am happy I unlocked a new league and will soon open 12 loot chests. After 2 or 3 months in Bronze mediocrity ... it's Silver III baby! Got the rank just 2 hours before the end of the season, with an outstanding 8 wins streak! It's nice hanging out with the cool kids in the Silver League!

Not only 12 chests, but far better rewards then in the Bronze League. I got 867 Dark Energy Crystals, one Legendary Potion and 6 cards. The rarity of the cards was above average, with a gold foil Pelacor Deceiver, 2 Rare Crystalsmiths, Epic Djinn Chwala and Epic Djinn Renova! Feels like an early birthday present! 

Unwrapping pack number 34: Hunter JARX ... badasss Gold Foil Epic Hunter JARX! The card brings heat, costing only 6 mana for 7 health points and 3 ranged damage. Another Hardy Stonefish and a solid Flying Squid for the Aquarium.

Unwrapping pack number 35: Fire-Life mix in this pack, with cheap cards. The Celestial Harpy is a solid card at higher levels, but I don't play Life Splinter so often. I started using the Scavo Chemist in Poisonous Gas ruleset - healing the Living Lava before the fall!

Selling Vouchers for Hive, using Hive to buy Chaos Legion packs - this is the way! Used the convert packs tool to convert the packs into in-game packs. Time to unwrap some more stuff!

Unwrapping pack number 36: I had an epic feeling with this pack... and the Gem Meteor popped out. The Gem Meteor is a neutral ranged card with the Scattershot ability. The Silent Sha-Vi and Goblin Psychic are pilling-up for card upgrades, while the Disintegrator will soon get an upgrade to level 2. 

Unwrapping pack number 37: Just a Regal Peryton in this pack, and some other common cards that I will stack until blending! I would prefer to get more neutral cards, to gain more flexibility while playing any splinter.

Unwrapping pack number 38: This pack was a real treat, with the Insidious Warlock and Tenyii Striker. I use both cards frequently in my Fire and Death battle teams, while the Flying Squid, Riftwing and Goblin Psychic have a valuable place in my battle mechanics.

Unwrapping pack number 39: The rare Molten Ash Golem is one of the cards I use when playing Fire Splinter in Earthquake or Noxious Fumes. Common cards that I don't use often but I used a few times.

Unwrapping pack number 40: I think I played a maximum of 100 battles with Life Splinter, just because I don't like the over-staking of armor and ranged monsters. I think I will stack cards and upgrade the Life cards and then borrow them on the market, so I will earn some extra DEC.

The last two months were about grinding, and the April bounty was above average. Got Djinn Renova and Djinn Chwala from chests, a bag of DEC, som credits, and many useful cards.

May was supposed to be even better, with higher rewards. However, I got less DEC and Credits from a higher amount of chests. The cards rarity was worst then in May, with mostly the cheapest cards unwrapped from the end of season treasures. The new reward system looks much better, and June will be ground-breaking!

Opening 10 Chaos Legion Packs - 11th to 20th - I've got 3 summoners, 10 rare and 4 epic cards. To make it better I unwrapped a legendary as well!

Opening 10 more packs - 21st to 30th - I've got 2 legendary, 2 summoners, 13 rare and 3 epic cards! Much better overall cards then before!

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Written by   1060
2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago

lucky with gold

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2 weeks ago

Man! you got lucky with that gold foil Hunter Jarx, i have opened 36 packs so far and planning to open a few more this weekend. I think when the new set of cards will be launched then the Chaos goldfoil cards will be really valuable. Hold onto them. Cheers!

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2 weeks ago

Thank and good luck!

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2 weeks ago