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Splinterlands Battle Challenge - The Supply Runner and Endless Loots

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5 days ago

The battle against the Chaos Legion may last for years, and the battles are getting more intense then ever. Every army should have a support runners, the guy that will get stuff when the supplies are running low. They can carry above their supply run, and will fight for the humans. The Supply Runner is fast and has above average battle skills!

The mighty gnomes have lived in piece for centuries but things changed after the Chaos Legion invasion. You are strongly advised to read your contract of employment when adding a gnome in your army!

The gnome can boost the whole team, either with speed or with health points. The Supply Runner is a neutral common card with ranged attacks. Will gain Swiftness at level 5, giving all friendly monsters extra speed. At level 10 will gain Strengthen, giving extra health points to the allies. I never used this card, but never say never!

Put your faith in the Light! Healed Out battle rule and 30 mana cap made this fight interesting, as no monster can be healed as all the healing abilities are removed.

General Sloane: +1 Ranged Damage

Shieldbearer: Tank with Taunt

Armorsmith: Support with Repair

Silvershield Archers: Ranged with Snipe

Herbalist: Ranged

Pelacor Arbalest: Ranged with Double Strike

Supply Runner: Ranged

Fire can't burn the holy armors of the paladins. Put your faith in the light... said Uther the Lightbringer while banishing demons and undead! The enemy used the Radiated Scorcher as decoy tank and the Living Lava behind as the main tank. The Disintegrator was chosen for the Demoralize ability and the Repair from the Sciavo Hireling will aim to keep the Living Lava alive. The Serpentine Spy and Tenyii Striker were selected to hit behind the tank, targeting the week units

My opponent lost his Scorcher and the Hireling, not before casting one repaid. My Shieldbearer got a repair as well, and is ready to to a shield-slam!

Living Lava down, Shieldbearer still getting repairs! Rain of arrows and a win in three rounds! The Supply Runner did the job and I assume is getting better when he gains abilities. See the full battle here!

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Written by   1005
5 days ago
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