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Sarcasm Tuesday #14 - Snap! The bird is freed ...

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3 weeks ago

Many things happened this week in the Cryptoverse, many breaking news from the real life but none were linking the Metaverse and IRL stuff like the Twitter deal! Elon was inevitable and the Snap took place!

The bird if freed ... said Elon! Was the bird caged? Definitely! I had many BCH posts and articles shadow banned, I had many friends that were victims of Twitter aggressive censorship, and I think this take-over can have positive outcomes.

Youtube is also another prime example of aggressive censorship, and I still remember when Scott got his videos deleted and his account blocked for no reason. However, Youtube tries to keep up with the Metaverse changes and will soon launch handles. 

Let me quote this ... "a Youtube handle is a new way for people to find you and connect with you". Shut the front door Youtube, as we all know that handles are unique and make it easier to make a distinct presence... as Twitter has it... Instagram has it... Maiar has it! 

Have you done your Halloween carving? What you think about my Winnie the Pooh? Drop your Tweet, link or whatever with your pumpkin and I will check it out and provide constructive feedback.

Wrote a Halloween scary story and publish it on Amazon, as paperback and Kindle! It's a bit of drama as three farmers meet at the bonfire and share stories about harvest, history and the old ways!

Under the cloudy night sky, the fog was settling upon the fields. The moon was rarely shining, being obscured by dark and thick clouds. On the far end of the corn fields, a majestic bonfire was burning, looking like a lighthouse that guides the lost souls to the shore.   There was something alluring about the sight and sound of the crackling bonfire, not the warmth and coziness but a mysterious feeling. Close to the bonfire, a silhouette was vaguely moving ....

It can't be Sarcasm Saturday without OG Dave Sawyer .... Do you know what has no arms ... no legs ... and hangs on the wall?? It's art ... abstract art! Dave buddy... wen collab?

Are you still thinking about crypto profits? Think again bro ... as we entered in the 11th month of perpetual market. A bit more and under the line will be only the abyssal maw and an endless darkness. Crypto is dead ... but zombies are also dead and they sometimes go up! 

Just joking... crypto is alive and kicking! Don't waste your night calculating your exit game, as you are at least few years away from that profit you dream about. You could still think about other girls... as women are as volatile as crypto!

Real life, Metaverse, Cryptoverse, or even in Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness ... always thing if something deserves your time. Time is more valuable than money! Time is the only thing we can't recycle! 

The first Humble Tractors and Friends Poker Tournament took place last week and 27 people registered and battled to win a Humble Tractor.  Jon from CliptoDAO was the winner, and took him only 1 hour and 22 minutes to outclass everyone else.

The top three players won NFTs and PoolTogheter delegation. Jon received Humble Tractor #3 and was welcomed in the clan, the Hey! NFTs will be minted soon, while the delegated USDC will be sort out on Monday.

1st place - 100 USDC delegated on PoolTogether for a month plus 1 Humble Tractor NFT

2nd - 50 USDC delegated on PoolTogether for a month plus 1 Hey! NFT

3rd - 25 USDC delegated on PoolTogether for a month plus 1 Hey! NFT

It's all about tractors, harvest and bounties on every chain and ecosystem. One of my favorite places is Biswap, where I am farming crypto in double reward pools like BSW-ETH, BSW-NEAR, BSW-BNB or BSW-LTC.

The Biswap Multi-Reward-Pool is another tool, where the income depends on the user's trading volume on Biswap, with a ratio based on trading volume/BSW tokens. It was here where I earned wBNB, BSW, BUSD and BFG. 

Still in the agricultural ecosystem, where Byron and Monica started a new NFT approach! The Experimental Greenhouse is an idea they had few weeks ago, the collaboration collecting game that isn't a game but rather a journey ... a journey to become an Experimental Gardener and eventually own your own Experimental Greenhouse.

NFTs ... Non Fungible stuff... we all know that! I just celebrated two years since I started my NFT collection, two years since I received my CryptomonKey! Since then I kept adding monkeys, byrons, alpacas and many more to my collection, reaching over 4,000 NFTs across many chains.

I get this stupid update every Monday, telling me how much time I waste on my mobile. Chrome will always be 1st and Metamask close-by, as this is how I roll. However, I set a goal for November ... to reduce my Facebook time under 5 hours per week.

Monday was another big day of PVM Entertainment and Leisure, as your favorite crypto creator hosted the Horizen Halloween Party, meme competition and the Punkz Hero Tournament 

Not sure if you care but CZ visited Romania! Is this a sign for pro-crypto laws in my home country? Or is just CZ visiting a new country for marketing purpose? Do you know you can order a Binance card in Romania but you can't get one in the UK?

I stopped betting years ago, but can't say no when they send me a free bet. The secret is to play some high odds BS and hope the gods of fortune will smile to you. Made £55 from a weird bet-builder, as Liverpool won against Manchester City.

It got even better, as I went 3x in a treble on football, with AC Milan, PSG and Real Betis to win. Made £142.60 out of nothing and been a good boy and cashed out. Was this better then crypto investing or buying the dip? No... because it's all about luck and not about your personal skills.

Anyway ... winning a free bet is still better than doing faucets. I checked the FreeCryptos Gang (DASH, TRX, ETH, ADABNBLINKNEOBTC & LTC) to see if I have enough to withdraw. I was surprised I was able to cash out 40 TRX and 0.000227 Bitcoin. I know $4.44 it's not much ... but is honest work.

I keep using the Harvest Finance pun, because is a trademark in the Cryptoverse. Even Elon used it once in a tweet ... and to be honest ... makes perfect sense in a different language! Si Senor! No es mucho, pero es trabajo honesto! 

I went to Dygycon last month, just to claim some free NFTs and SWAG. Also filled a form for some IRL stuff and got this in the mail yesterday. The pea protein shake is cool but that hand written card made my day. It's all about the Attitude of Gratitude ... but will talk about this another day!

Now ... all jokes aside... is the bird really free? Is Elon a savior or just a sad soul with Tony Stark aspirations? Time will tell if Twitter will become that AppX that Musk dreams to develop, and time will tell machines will take over. 

I hope this sarcastic article will fill refresh your mind and flip the day with some positive vibes. Keep hungry for money and thirsty for knowledge. Live as it's no tomorrow and make sure all your actions will build a legacy! You can get a Humble Tractors, the best vanity item that a Crypto Bro can have!

Check the other articles from the Sarcasm Saturday series and enjoy the weekend!

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Written by   1119
3 weeks ago
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It's nice to know more

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Lol @ sad soul with tony stark aspirations. Barely had any BCH on here but tipped what was there.

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Haha... I knew you gonna like it

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Your sarcasm is funny imagine using a make and female to explain how crypto will be like... happy new month friend

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