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Reddit World Cup NFTs for Everyone

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1 week ago
Topics: Football, World Cup, Qatar 2022, NFT, NFTs, ...

Free NFTs for Everyone! Big announcement from Reddit just few days before the start of the Qatar 2022 Football World Cup. All users can claim stylish avatars, mint them and send them to their Polygon NFT Wallet!

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website .. where I have minimal activity. The users can submit content to the site such as links, text posts, images, and videos, which are then voted up or down by other members. It's a glorified place where I have an account just so I can join Banano giveaways!

However, I went there when I heard that all users can mint stylish avatars with any of the teams that qualified for the Qatar World Cup. All users can mint one NFT for free and they can use it as personal avatar or send it to their Polygon wallet.

How to claim the World Cup NFT?

Click "Stylish Avatar" from the account tab and wait for the page to load, select any of the football national teams or the Earth avatar and claim it.

You will need to create a vault for your Avatar, and set a strong password. Make sure you remember the password, as it can't be recovered or changed. The password acts as a seed-phrase.

Once the Vault is created, the NFT will be minted. Will take few minutes until will be available on-chain, with unique number and ready for transfer.

You can use it as your avatar or transfer it. My choice was to send it polygon, so I can see it easily on Opensea. Vault password is required and the fees are covered by Reddit.

The transfer is straight forward, and the NFT will become available on polygon after few minutes. England #19178 ready to be viewed on Opensea!

The NFT minting is available for old and new users. I tested the eligibility by creating a second account and minting Earth #30398. All NFTs are cool but I am not planning to create more accounts for extra NFTs.

If you are reading this, I assume you are looking forward to the World Cup. Do you want to join the Club1BCH Fantasy League and battle to win Bitcoin Cash?

Now starts the fun! #Club1BCH will organize and host the Qatar World Cup Fantasy Football Tournament, the greatest so far. Are your ready for the Club1BCH Global?

The participation fee is 0.05 BCH and the whole amount goes in the prize pool. We are 6 players already, as @Carabageac94  , @Crypto_Politics  , @infinity , Jarno @HappyBoy and myself went all-in!

A new competition wallet was set-up, ready to collect the fees. I hope will get big and fat, and the prize pool will reach an All-Time High!


Please contact me before you send the participation fee in the competition wallet, via noise.appnoise.cashPublish0xReadCashTwitter, or any other social media platform.

Club1BCH social media links:

Club1BCH Fantasy League

Club1BCH Discord

Club1BCH Channel

Club1BCH on Twitter

Club1BCH website

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Written by   1119
1 week ago
Topics: Football, World Cup, Qatar 2022, NFT, NFTs, ...
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Very helpful, good post and I thank you for sharing!

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6 days ago

Which one you got?

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6 days ago

I went with Canada, you?

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5 days ago

cant claim on mobile version?

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6 days ago

Good post

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1 week ago

I raised the points a bit on this date, I hope that tomorrow and the day after I get some others.

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1 week ago

Claim you Reddit NFT... its still available

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1 week ago