Proof of Beauty HASH3 is coming - Let the #HUNT begin!

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Proof of Beauty Studio announced that HASH v3SAGA is coming! It the biggest news in the Cryptoverse, as a new algorithm will give an artistic shape to the transactions that must live forever in our memory. Blockchain is forever... hash is forever... and this is how the #HUNT begins! 

HASH will tell the story of crypto and web3 to the future generation, as the foundation of storytelling is set by the HASH NFTs. Specific moments in blockchain history are  minted and stored as metadata, bootstrapping via PoB closed-source API that pulls and composes all the data into the token-metadata visible on OpenSea. Season 2 : HUNT for HASH is COMING IN APRIL! 

HASH v3 will have a new theme, making it more robust and evergreen. V3 will bring updates to the protocol, to the NFTs and to the whole general appearance, because the Metaverse has become culturally prominent in the normie space. The progress made great teams built new projects, new infrastructure and new blockchain environments, and this is the main reason why HASHv3 deliberately reassessed the token standard. 

One HASH = One NFT, and this is how will always be! Proof of Beauty Studio will mint each transaction as an 1:1 NFT, however ... the non-fungible' assumption doesn't exist at the token standard level. The ERC-1155 are maximally fungible but the token standard itself makes no implications to protocols what specific kind of fungibility standards can be implicated in a specific 1155 implementation. This is why the ERC-1155 standard will always fall short to the ERC-721 standard in pure non-fungible contexts.

Proof of Beauty Studio and HASH vision is to create a project that can archive and celebrate ETH history for eternity! This is why HASHv3 will migrate all current #HASH ERC-1155 NFTs to a new HASH ERC-721 token contract. The migration is optional, as holders can keep the old token. However, migrating the NFT will create better support in all NFT protocols/projects and will grant access to the 0x powered marketplace.  All future HASH seasons will be released as ERC-721 contracts. 

Are you ready for the #HUNT? Ready or not ... the HUNT begins in April. There will be over 200 unique patterns with different rarities and models! I am buzzing for the hunting season as I am and I will always be a fan of #HASH!

I am and I will always be a fan of #HASH

My first ever transaction on Ethereum is a bit pale and I definitely like the first approved transaction more. Power OVERWHELMING ... yes baby ... If you played Starcraft you know what I am talking about! This HASH looks like the trail left by a swarm of feral zergs while marching into enemy lines!

Time for shades of pink, with my first (and only) Uniswap transaction! I was expecting a pink pattern but the shades of pink and black created something beautiful. The first error is a monument of pinkness, and it's more then obvious that something went wrong.

Another interesting pattern found while shuffling through my saga was the largest ERC-20 transfer, which upon checking it wasn't a shitcoin. The purple and blue POB is the result of staking 5,000 MATIC! The second one is even more interesting... because it is already minted! This is the first payment for the first ever epoch sent by CRE8R DAO

The Proof of Beauty can inspire an artist to draw a masterpiece. It's all about what you can "see" behind the generated art. Below is the HASH from the transaction that swapped 1390 uDAO in 489 UMA but for me looks a lot like sunny Italy! I can see Sicily and the place where I had the best gelato in the world. I can see San Siro and Stadio Olimpico, and somewhere at the top ... the snowy Alps.,

This is one of the payments received from CRE8R DAO, and one of my favorite $HASH NFTs. The unique pattern makes me think at winter, ski, mulled wine and holidays!

Learn more about Proof of Beauty, Historians DAO and London DAO:

London DAO was created to celebrate the future of generative art, a place where $London NFT holders have voting power. The Historians DAO core functions are to investigate and verify the title and descriptions given to HASHes. The Historians will maintain the PoB credibility and promote the HASH ecosystem by giving verdicts regarding minted NFTs. 

The Historians will create short opinions that will verify or dispute the title and description given to the minted HASH, called "verdicts".  The verdict will need 3 upvotes to be completed and moved on-chain, as the deliberations and upvote system is off chain. The final verdict is moved on chain by the Owner of the HASH, showing that his title and description are matching the transaction events and data.

The Proof of Beauty Trilogy: $HASH Saga

POB Studio created HASH as the solution to save blockchain history, and with the long term vision to become a library of milestone and memorable events. Genesis was season zero for HASH NFTs and only 2555 will ever exist. Genesis sold out quickly, and SAGA followed up the HASH minting idea. #HUNT will bring a new approach for HASH.

The Proof of Beauty Trilogy: $LONDON

LONDON was defined as a project that will remember blockchain history and will make history . The London NFTs are a celebration of generative art, the social experiment that celebrates the EIP-1559 hard fork. The ceremonial idea was based on the idea to incentivize people to mint at low gas price, the standard 15.59 gwei, and receiving 1559 $LONDON tokens per mint. This was the exact price that was required to mint one of the

8888 LONDON art mementos.

The Proof of Beauty Trilogy: Publico

Publico is a series of experiments with NFT contracts powered by the search of novelty. PoB studio thrives to create striking experience and a new NFT cultural phenomenon, and Publico makes no difference. All series will represent a study of different aspects of the bound between the NFT creator and the NFT collector. "Fatal Flaw" will follow Open Piano and Colored Loot, with no further details regarding the minting of "Entropic Metadata", "Unownable", "Bridge to River Gwei", "Transfer to Win", "Cold War" and "Pandora's Box". 

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