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OKEx Strike 2: Learn and Claim Satoshi - The test that sent OKEx to the gallows

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11 months ago
Topics: Experience, Economy, Reality, Money, OKEx, ...

If you remember that OKEx  suspended all withdrawals on the 16th of October, after an investigation which leaded to the arrest of top company official, than you will probably remember the OKEx trial by combat. I tested OKEx, I received the $10 worth of Ethereum from their giveaway, but my platform review had to be bluntly honest and except the very quick KYC, OKEx failed to deliver in so many ways:

  • I wanted to install the app but my phone didn't let me download it, and considered the app as dangerous.

  • My deposit options were Chinese Yuan  (CNY) by bank transfer, Alipay or WeChat Pay.

  • Tried to make the bank transfer but I was told that this option is not valid for Romania. Spoiler alert: I live in the UK

  • Suspended withdrawals.

Meanwhile one of the issues was sorted, and OKEx resumed withdrawals on the 26th of November. Took them only 40 days to sort out this "minor" inconvenient for their users but loyalty rewards were announced. Had a look at the "offers" and they are custom made for big time player not for shrimps like me, so again OKEs disappointed the average customer, focusing on the top ones.

Offering loyalty rewards is one small way that we can give back to OKEx users but we assure them that we will continue to uphold our commitment to excellence, innovation, diversity of service, and the safety of user assets, which has always been our first and foremost priority. - Jay Hao: OKEx CEO 

While browsing through my OKEx account, I found the daily missions, a way to earn free Bitcoin. Basically, running 5 lessons each day will reward satoshi and the reward can be claimed once 10,000 satoshi are accumulated but will talk about this later on. 

Each day five new lessons are available, each taking 60 seconds and rewarding 80 satoshi. Completing all will generate 400 satoshi.

The page has a FAQ explaining the process, but at least this is straightforward. One lesson at the time, wait 60 seconds, complete the captcha and get the reward. Repeat five times every day until you accumulate enough for the claim.

How to find them? Scroll down the menu until you find "More" and click/tap the tab.

Select "Free BTC" from the "More" tab and start completing the daily lessons.

Day after day I spent 5 minutes of my life, completing lessons and getting satoshi, until one day when the balance reached 10,000. It's finally claim time. But wait! Where is the claim button? Looked everyone and couldn't find it anywhere. Ok... maybe my intellect is to low to crack such a task on OKEx, let's go to live chat to ask for support!

Can't complain about the wait, as I was through with a support staff in few minutes. Guess what? The satoshi withdrawal is not enabled yet, so lets wait for the official announcement. 

Let's conclude this using basic skills! The current price of Bitcoin is $16,600 per unit and 10,000 satoshi are currently valued at $1.66. By earning 400 satoshi per day, anyone will need 25 days to reach the withdrawal cap. This task will require 5 minutes a day, therefore 125 minutes in total, equal to w hours and 5 minutes. This tasks will reward users with $0.01328 per minute, resulting $0.7968 per hour of work. Is it worth it? I use this experiment to send OKEx to the gallows. Come one ... pull that handle and let it drop. Good bye OKEx... was nice to meet you!

And only 7 hours left until the amazing quiz with a $18 BCH prize pool. Anyone wants to round it up to $20?

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Written by   770
11 months ago
Topics: Experience, Economy, Reality, Money, OKEx, ...
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