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DeFi Fashion - Index Coop and the GMI style

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1 month ago

The Index Coop Bankless DeFi Innovation Index (GMI) is hotter than Pamela in Baywatch in the 90s! The Index includes 12 early stage DeFi projects with huge potential, that are not yet considered as a blue-chip project. The main benefit is access to 12 of the most promising projects by holding a single token.

The $GMI composite index was launched by Index Coop to forecast the growth potential and investment opportunity into highly rated DeFi projects such as Alchemix, Olympus DAO, Abracadabra Money, Perpetual Protocol or Reflexer.  All the tokens in the index where analyzed and selected because of the unique growth potential.


The Bankless DeFi Innovation Index, also known as GMI, was maintained a top profile during the bear market. Is currently #2338 in the Market Cap rankings, with a value close to 15 USD.

The INDEX token is showing signs of recovery after some harsh months, with a sensible growth in the last 24 hours. It is keeping well into the Top 1000 tokens in the Market Cap rankings, sitting cozy at #762

But what makes $GMI amazing?  The $GMI token optimal weighting is achieved through a combination of square-root market cap, relative secondary market liquidity, and relative token dilution/emission scoring. The initial selection analyzed 367 projects, and the 12 finalist were chosen based on efficiency, market cap and other factors that would favorize success.

What makes $GMI even more amazing?

Can this project be more cool? Yes it can! Did you seen the hype on Twitter about the GMI hoodies? I bought one! I wanted to be like Chad, and ordered one of the limited edition merch. The hoodie comes from the future, with integrated technology holding 1 $GMI token and 1 NFT.  The chip can be used as Proof of Proximity and grant access to events, conferences, free drinks, etc.

Order 1144 was my transaction! All set for the delivery, and must praise the IYK team for their communication skills. I moved between the order and delivery, so I had to change the delivery address. Was incredibly easy to do that and the IYK team deserve a medal for customer service. 

Drum roll please! The GMI hoodie was delivered save and sound! It looks amazing, and the textile is top quality.  The chip is located in the sleeve, where the * sign is. The hoodie is machine washable, and the chip is waterproof and weather proof. 

Scanned the sleeve and got sent to Opensea to claim my NFT. Done the claim and linked my hoodie with the NFT, as proud owner of GMI Hoodie #473

The NFT is sublime! Is futuristic, is stylish ... it makes me feel that WE ALL GONNA MAKE IT! Who cares about bear market, crypto crash, or other events... when my hoodie is as cool as time travel. 

The next step was to claim my $GMI token, which involved gwei. We all hade gwei when is high, we all hate high ETH fees... but at least this time it was a negligible amount. I paid $6.25 to claim my token, and who knows how much will 1 $GMI worth by 2025. GMI bros... WAGMI crypto bros! 

I love my new hoodie, but I love Index Coop even more. The community is vibrant and they are constantly organizing cool events, meme competitions, parties and they even care about education. I received a surprise gift... two crypto themed books! The Infinite Machine by Camila Russo and Trillions by Robin Wigglesworth are not on my reading list.

Meanwhile, I keep voting on governance snapshots with my bag of INDEX. I hold 141 $INDEX tokens, which were much valuable at the start of 2022. However, the price/token is just a number and has nothing to do with the governance rights I gain by holding. I have INDEX to be part of something bigger, to be part of a community that will shape the future of DeFi, Metaverse and the world! 

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Written by   1064
1 month ago
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