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CryptoPanties - Flashing my underpants (NFT) in public

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2 weeks ago

Crypto Panties by Rave Review

At the start of the spring I wrote about CryptoPanties, a new fashion NFT project on Solana. The launch was en-fanfare and I managed to mint one pair of panties. Check more at NFT Breaking News #24 - CryptoPanties on Solana

The Cryoto Panties collection is special, innovative and eco-friendly. It was created by the Swedish brand Rave Review, and having goddesses like Arvida Bystrom as models.

There are 3333 unique CryptoPanties NFTs, based on nine identities: Erykah, Lena, Frida, Vivienne, Oprah, Madonna, Lizzo, Reese and Paris. They were selected from females that inspired other females. The House of CryptoPanties entered the Solana ecosystem and moved the Rave Review community into the Metaverse.

Each base pantie was made in an unique way, using upcycle fabrics and trims. Rave Review wanted to send a strong message of accessibility to women in the NFT/Crypto space. Cryoto Panties are combining fashion with utility, starting from the minting event. Owning a CryptoPanties NFTs comes with a set of advantages, including exclusive access to the world of Rave Review through the community platform WERZ, discounts to the physical collection and access to IRL events. This collection is THAT collection that will turn you on! 

Rave Review constantly works to transforme home textiles into desirable garments. All remake fashion sourced and produced in Europe. The goal is to make the world of digital fashion and Non-Fungible Tokens more inclusive, gender-balanced, and diversified. Rave Review aims to raise awareness and help women get involved in Web3.

The panties are an unexpected garment. Super feminine. It made the most sense to us to design pieces for the types of people we hope to see more of in the metaverse”  Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück - Rave Review Creative Directors

The Distribution

From the 3333 NFTs, 3100 are distributed through the sale, with the team keeping only 133 for partners and pre-drop giveaways. The remaining 100 NFTs will be kept in the Community Wallet for future collaborations and marketing ideas. The minting price was 2.5 SOL for general public or 2 SOL for pre-sale token holders. The roadmap plans big things in 2022, with the minting to restart in the autumn.

The minting is closed at the moment, due to be resumed in September. The lock was closed but the key was left to the community. The current holders will be eligible for various events and competitions, with endless possibilities to grow their panties collection.

Before I managed to mint my NFT, I had a big issue with Binance. I sent 2.1 SOL and never arrived, the real issue was that the transaction was pending for 8 hours. I was afraid that the collection will sold out until I could mint at least one NFT. The bigger issue was that I was told by support that my $SOL was somehow lost in the blockchain and is untraceable. It finally returned in wallet after few days.

I present you CryptoPanties #1517, upcycled from a costal blossom towel. The item is inspired by Viviane, with navy check tartan twill and a weave made from baby's breath bed sheet. I like it and it looks very unique.

When the minting will be resumed, I will mint a second pair... because you can't ever have enough underpants. I hope I will get an epic pair, maybe a Madonna or Oprah.

The WERZ app has a cool tool, where you can add your CryptoPanties NFTs on every background. It's similar on how you can make AR pictures with your favorite pokemon while playing PokemonGO.

I celebrated the Midsummer Festival with my pair of CryptoPanties. I flashed my panties to the crowds of people that attended a local fair. 

It was all good vibes and it felt like a Solana party, as the SOL burned bright on my CryptoPanties. Everyone admired the NFT, even if they had no clue that it's there. I told them to watch the space and don't leave footprints on the frame! 

The summer is here and if you don't know what to wear this holiday, go wild in the #Metaverse and bold IRL! Wear your #NFT with pride! Stay in fashion with CryptoPanties and stay fresh with Solana scents. 

Back home, I gave the house some midsummer vibes, thanks to the WERZ app. If you are a holder, make sure you show your friends and neighbors that you are a fashionista! 

Scandinavia... Sweden ... beauty and power! I wonder if my CryptoPanties NFT counts as Viking heritage! Seen this guy selling shields, swords and my Viviane frame!

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Written by   1060
2 weeks ago
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Awesome post. I'm including this in today's Cryptocracy newsletter.

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Thanks for the support

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What I love about these types of nfts is that they are so creative and innovative, I love the idea of ​​them being one of a kind and having such a fun theme

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2 weeks ago

And this ones have utility as well

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