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Crypto Wealth, Remembrance and Thanksgiving with Biswap

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2 months ago

Biswap is THE DEX that kept my crypto passion alive! You may know already that Biswap is not the standard crypto exchange, it's above and beyond the standard exchange! Biswap is decentralize, has direct peer-to-peer crypto trading, launchpools, NFT market, a wide range of staking options, dual-earning pools and the "out-of-this-world" Multi-Reward Pool!  

All the above made me dive into the Biswap Ecosystem, but most important ... kept my faith in crypto alive! I lost all my assets in a cursed 2022, being hit hard by the Beanstalk hack, the Terra Luna crash, and the plethora of bankruptcies that infested the Cryptoverse. The Biswap crypto opportunities and transparent earnings kept my passion alive when everything else was going downhill. It was Biswap that guided me to the light when the night was dark and full of terrors

The growth is measurable by TVL, and I was thrilled to see Biswap on the 4th place in the BNB Smart Chain Total Value Locked, with over 246 million USD. The amount represents 4.49% of the total 5.5 billion USD currently locked in the Binance Smart-Chain.

October was sweet, as Biswap provided a bountiful harvest from the Multi-Reward Pool and the other launchpools. Was harvest time and autumn came with full baskets of TWT, EOS, MLS, ATOM, Ripple ($XRP), Wrapped BNB, NEAR, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

I challenged myself to have a better November and to be thankful for the opportunities that Biswap brought into my crypto strategies. It feels like Thanksgiving every month! 

The Multi-Reward Pool earnings came in wBNB, BUSD, BSW and BFG, based on my trading volume/BSW tokens. The mechanics behind the Multi-Reward Pool are powered by the Biswap innovative framework, as the locked tokens and TVL growth will bring positive benefits to the whole ecosystem. I staked and trade until I reached 400 $BSW and the farming rate was adding a good amount of crypto per day.

You can become a Biswap Space Agent if you are active on social media, with a high number of followers. The Space Agents Program was created to showcase content creation skills and reward the participants with $BSW. Boost the audience and get up to 20% in BSW via the Multi-type Referral Program Options. There are  $10,000 in $BSW shared each month!

The allocated prize pool is out-of-this-world as $5,000,000 in $BSW tokens are allocated for the campaign. You can become a Space Agent if you are you passionate about Biswap and have more than 5000 subscribers on your social media account. Touch the stars with Biswap and earn $BSW while reaching a wider audience! Join the Space Agents Team and reach for the sky! 

I started using Biswap in June and constantly raised my portfolio since then. I was fortunate to win $BSW through the Space Agents Program and boosted the strategy by focusing on the best earning opportunities. I always staked my tokens whenever a Double-Reward Pool was introduced and I November was the month when I was finally able to withdraw the largest share of BSW without paying unstaking fees.

I staked all the BSW tokens in the Holder Pool three months ago, before the new pools where added. I had to wait the whole locking period to avoid the 25% early withdraw fee, then moved them in the Auto BSW pool. I kept 500 tokens in the Holder Pool, mandatory criteria for staking in the Double Reward Pools, and moved 3333 $BSW. 

The Auto BSW pool is more flexible, as the locking period is only 3 days, and the APY is the same. The shift in staking made possible a faster deposit into the new pools, and a better profit as I stake when the APY is at a higher rate.

New pools are added, as the new once will conclude, and the BSW reshuffling brings diversity in my wallet. The fresh Double-Reward Pools are bringing top cryptocurrencies to the Biswappers, like Dogecoin, Ripple, Ethereum or Bitcoin. 

My November strategy was to keep the BSW farming at all time, moving the tokens back to auto-compounding whenever a Double-Reward Pool was closed. It was flexible and efficient to withdraw from there and stake into new added pools, as the three days locking period goes quickly.

Remember, Remember ... Biswap in November! Biswap being best to bring a basket of bounties

I may sell some tokens to buy more BSW, but always kept the once that had utility and potential of growth. The Trust Wallet tokens ($TWT) I earned on  Biswap are prime example of enhanced profit through HODL. I kept all the $TWT farmed in the Double-Reward Pool when the value was under one dollar, and cashed out when they surged with 104%. 

Was harvest time in the Biswap Multi-Reward Pool, where the trading volume and staked BSW combine power helped me to earn not one, not two... but four cryptocurrencies with great potential. The total earnings summed 22 dollars, a good amount during perpetual bear market.

I gladly paid the 0.002 wBNB commission for withdrawal and received the bounty instantly, even if it says that the payment may take up to 24 hours. More brownie points for Biswap!

I staked the BSW into the auto-compounding pool, kept the BUSD and wBNB, and swapped BFG for more wBNB. This is part of a new approach, and the exploration of another tool available on Biswap.

The locked staking on Biswap is a top crypto opportunity for two reasons! You stake a single asset and the APY is above the market rates. You don't have to worry about impermanent losses and you earn crypto throughout the locking period. Wrapped BNB staking is available for periods between 30 and 60 days, with APY starting at 5.16% for a month of locking.

Once again, I am thankful to Biswap for everything! It was my sunshine after during the stormy 2022, the rainbow after the bankruptcy hurricane that hit the Cryptoverse. Even if lots changed this month, Biswap still has the best crypto opportunities! I am earning BSW, MATIC, Cardano, Dogecoin and Ripple ... adding more value to my portfolio.


Biswap brings freshness to DeFi, providing a wide range of tools for active and passive crypto income. All users can trade cryptocurrencies at the lowest fee and take advantage of the multiple earning opportunities. The community is vibrant and Biswap was recently rated by CoinMarketCap in the TOP 10 projects due to engagement rates.

After every storm comes a rainbow, and Biswap pot of gold is not a fairy tale! I seen many storms and gloomy days in London, and I had Biswap brighten my days whenever the rain was bringing sorrow. 

The 18th month of activity had many highlights, including a $51 billion Total Volume Locked. The growth is constant, as the number of total users is approaching 2,000,000 people. 

The most important aspect of growth is education, and Biswap aim to crypto-educate as many as possible. The Biswap Youtube channel has a wide range of content videos, which leaded to over 18,200 crypto-savvy subscribers.

The users are invited to bring constructive feedback on social media or in the local communities. Join me on Biswap and let's have the biggest Cryptoverse party! Join the Biswap Social Media and Local Communities and be up to date with the blockchain evolution. With Biswap you can read, learn and explore in your preferred language:

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Written by   1132
2 months ago
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its bring more promising and anything can happen in a good way thats one thing for sure

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