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CakeDeFi and World Cup Predictions - Bitcoin and DFI for the Clairvoyants

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I will celebrate 2 years of CakeDeFi in January 2023 and I am looking forward to the party! I've been an OG on CakeDeFi, one of the world's fastest growing online platforms offering access to decentralized financial services. The CakeDeFi users keep generating returns from their crypto and digital assets in a fair and transparent way. 

I still remember when people where suspicious about the 6 months locking period for the bonus and didn't joined when Felix spread the word. I still remember when they joined months later with "WOW ...WHAT A GREAT PROJECT! Wish I knew about it months ago!"

Whatever.... let's move fast forward to November 2022 and the Football World Cup in Qatar! CakeDeFi is joining the hype and shares wealth to the participants! Everyone is invited to predict the World Cup winner and win 1 Bitcoin! 

The CakeDeFi World Cup campaign has two part, the group stage and the play-offs. During the 1st stage, the CakeDeFi users have to predict the 16 teams that will qualify from the group stages. The participants have to submit their predictions before 20 November 23:59 SGT, and edit the answers until then. You can win a share of 1,000 $DFI and a slice of 500 $DFI if a friend you referred will win. 

Those that successfully participated in the 1st stage will have to predict the outcomes of the playoffs. The users are invited to guess the winning team and the match scores, before the start of the knockout stage.  The event is free for all users so head to CakeDeFi and make your predictions. 

This is not the end, as the World Cup final will bring a mini-game, where the participants will have predict the score. The CakeDeFi mini-game will run from 24th of November 2022 15:00 SGT to 18th of December 22:59 SGT

To give some background to the story, I opened my CakeDeFi account in January 2022 and I received $30 in DFI as a bonus. I wrote about it, told my friends and I kept adding $DFI in my bag. The bag grew bigger and bigger and I kept restaking every bonus, and getting to 783 $DFI and small shares of Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin and UDSC. 

The CakeDeFi tools helped me to evolve even further and earn crypto every twelve hours. Yes... my DFI and DASH are earning twice a day. With the current crypto events, I am more than happy with a steady 18.1% return of DFI and 5.5% APY on my staked DASH. Let it grow! 

All the above assets where gained through staking, locking and the referral system, as CakeDeFi has opportunities that suits every crypto bro! The referral system is one of the best, with $DFI for both the referrer and the referral, and 1% bonus from the referral investments. I grew a portfolio from zero! 

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Written by   1119
1 week ago
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