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Caduceus (CMP) listed on KuCoin - The Metaverse got hotter

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4 days ago
Topics: Caduceus, CMP, KuCoin, NFT, Metaverse, ...

Welcome to another magnificent exploration of wild blockchains with PVM! I am the Indiana Jones of Crypto, a fearless Metaverse adventurer and explorer. I am searching uncharted and untamed blockchains for the "next big thing", that token that will quickly go 100x or that coin that has so much utility that will be a shame not to have it in the portfolio.

Today we will dive into another Kucoin listing, into a part of the Metaverse that is mentioned in legendary books and grimoires. Caduceus is the world’s first decentralized edge rendering metaverse protocol and the $CMP coin is now available on Kucoin. The $CMP token was listed at 10 AM UTC on the 15th of September, as glorious as ancient temples! 

The blockchain development happens at 10x, and several distributed ledger technologies have been developed to solve a wide range of demands. The basic architecture leaded to modified versions such as Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), distributed hash table (DHT) evolved into dApps, but limitations due to the blockchain usage were still an issue. 

Widespread challenges regarding time and energy needed in mining were lacking efficient solutions, until today! The Caduceus Metaverse Protocol solves multiple issues and eliminates the need for mining while maintaining all the benefits of blockchain technology, and also makes the development and usage of blockchain easier, more convenient and more effective. 

Caduceus listing on Kucoin brings easy access to the $CMP token, a cryptocurrency that powers decentralized edge rendering, an infrastructure-level open blockchain platform specifically built for the metaverse and the decentralized digital world. The total supply is 1,000,000,000 $CMP tokens, and the listing price was 0.08 USD.

The price per token surged immediately after the Kucoin listing, up 155% when I decided to add this gem to my portfolio. Bought 18.45 $CMP at 0.42 USD, as the price kept climbing in the charts.

Read the whitepapers and I was impressed by the Caduceus vision for High-Throughput and Multi-Protocol support. The integrated multi-protocol standards and large-scale throughput is able  to process 100,000+ transactions in seconds, for ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, ERC998 and other asset types.

The mature Metaverse development kit that supports rapid assembly and modularized general public chain is like the Holy Grail for designers, NFT artists or game developers. The Caduceus Protocol supports the creation of 3D game materials/models, the innovation of digitization of NFTs and the digitization of physical NFTs. XR DevKit includes: XR-Glass, XR-Box, XR open-source system connects seamlessly to the Unity3D AR engine to support AR game operation. All this tools makes me feel that this Kucoin listing is a divine gift!

Then I asked myself... 18.45 $CMP tokens are enough for a long term investment? I realized I want a bigger slice of the decentralized rendering platform that has integrating massive GPU resources, provide metaverse creation, high-quality with low-cost rendering resources for enterprises and open for everyone. Time to hit the market again!

Shifted some funds, swapped some crypto and ended up with 69 CMP! Now is time to wait and let Caduceus evolve the open source software and implement more building facilities for Metaverse infrastructure. I am sure they will succeed, as Caduceus as they provide the Metaverse with a scalable blockchain network and  many top tools as fund security, NFT asset security, user 5 privacy security, trusted transactions, automatic settlement and token ecological incentives.

Caduceus opened a virtual treasure chest and the gems inside were blockchain seamlessly through SDK, providing interfaces and tools for NFT art creators and application developers of the metaverse. The high-level user experience is achieved through the user-friendly interaction portal for the metaverse. Is no wonder why the $CMP token went up 208% in few hours after the Kucoin listing.

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Written by   1093
4 days ago
Topics: Caduceus, CMP, KuCoin, NFT, Metaverse, ...
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