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Building Wealth on Upland - Building an Empire!

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2 weeks ago
Topics: UPAND, Play2earn, NFT, Eos, Games, ...

It was 24th of February 2021 when I started my Upland Metaverse Journey with the #UplandPublish0x writing competition. I wrote the game review and play strategy: Upland ... UpLlama ... thumbs Up! and won the second place! Few months later I won the 1st place at #MyUplandCity with Upland Reverse Tea Party - Take me back to London! where I invited Upland to add London in the game. I was already building wealth with Upland by winning a big bag of Ethereum from the above competition. Now is time for  #UplandWealthBuilding!

The GameFi evolved and expanded in the last months, with more complex games being created and introduced into the Metaverse! Some games are good, some games are excellent, while some will never live to their expectation. Others will be as catchy as McDukin' in UpX song ... so play and read!

Short Upland history: The Upland concept was born in 2018, during a monopoly game between Dirk Lueth, Mani Honigstein and Idan Zuckerman. The Upland co-founders wanted to “tokenize” the real world through technology and created a framework for the Upland vision. The EOS blockchain was used to create an unique metaverse where the players will be able to play, socialize and earn money. The beta testing was ready in 2019 and the open beta was launched in January 2020 for both iOS and Android devices. I joined one year later, trying to build an empire! 

Installed the game and made my profile ... Visitor PVM was born. As a visitor I had to renew my Upland VISA every week, claiming the daily bonus every day to raise my UPX balance to 10,000 and buy the Uplander status.

I was lucky enough to reach the level quicker, as one of my friends joined using my referral and I received bonus UPX. When I had 10,000 UPX Net Worth I got hit by this pop-up message informing me that I can level up from Visitor to an Official Uplander. I had to provide a phone number and other details to upgrade to Uplander.

I started UplandWealthBuilding immediately! I bought a cheap property in San Francisco, listed it for double the money and I sold it in few hours. I used the money to buy 3 properties in Fresno and completed the Fresno Standard Collection and the King of the Street Standard collection. I was fortunate to find two more affordable properties and used the bonus from the collection to complete the City Pro in Clovis, with 1200 UPX reward and a 1.4x reward boost while being active.

The Upland Reverse Tea Party - Take me back to London! had a different twist, as new towns were added in the game. When I started, the only cities where Chicago, San Francisco and Fresno. New York was added, Bakersfield was added, Cleveland was added ... and the P0x content creators where asked what other cities could bring more hype in Upland.

After six months of UplandWealthBuilding I had 7 properties in my portfolio, 4 completed collections and a total net worth of 31,273 $UPX. Was the time I shilled London as a potential Upland city.

Time went quick in the Metaverse, and I celebrated my Upland anniversary. I was chilling in in Santa Monica when the new writing competition was announced, with Wealth Building as the main theme. Wait a minute... I have to write about what I was already doing? Looks like this competition will bring more $ETH wealth from playing Upland

The progress is visible! I now have a 59,136 new worth and 11 properties. I could hustle a bit more, buying cheap and selling high, but I am on HODL mode so I will do UplandWealthBuilding by holding my properties and stacking the earnings.

Stacking $UPX is the main goal, as I can use it to buy cheap properties and generate even more income. I already completed 5 collections and with the bonus I am earning 336 $UPX per month.

I have some properties listed on the market, at prices that will bring 5x to 10x profit. The secret is to hold and wait for the best offer. I bought 785 Guerrero Street in San Francisco for 6,100 UPX and refused an offer 3 times bigger. Just two days later I accepted a 5 times profit and bought more houses.

I often forget to claim the profits, or to keep searching for cheap properties, but the eyes are always on the prize! I am accumulating wealth... I am gaining profits even when Upland is under maintenance! 

Building structures will make the property look cooler, and $SPARK is needed for building. Spark was given to all players in Upland as part of the global launch of spark on the 31st of 2021. I received 0.35 SPARK and use it straight away.

Spark is the equivalent to man working hours. If you want to build a home on your property, you require spark hours. It took me about 200 days to build a small town house on Sweet Sunblaze Avenue.

Once the construction finished, I moved to the next property to build another structure. Decided to build a bigger house and the total SPARK hours were 2,600 as a total. I staked the maximum of 0.35 SPARK and the construction will end in 309 days.

I also won a structure ornament, the winter wonderland 2021 luxury modern house. Not sure what I can do with an ornament but I assume it can be used to ... ornate!

Did I achieved UplandWealthBuilding in the last year of playing? I think I did! I earned 5000 $UPX by holding 11 properties, and I am earning 336 tokens per month. I also know that I can Fiat Out at one point, and transfer Metaverse value into real life.

I am doing UplandWealthBuilding by promoting Upland and inviting friends to play with me. I have 7 people in the list of invited users, and 3 of them raised to Uplander and one reached the Executive level. We are building wealth together! 

I am happy that the Upland crypto expectations maintained at a top level, and didn't crumble like the crypto expectations I had from the crypto market. If in November I was dreaming at holidays in Palau, the bear run made me feel like on a flooded playground. At least on Upland I can afford to live the American Dream!

Breaking News: The block Explorer Shop Beta applications were open but closed yesterday! You were to slow to join the next patch of metaverse entrepreneurs. Better luck next time!

The Royal Queen Tour is live, but not for long! You are close to miss another opportunity! The players who complete the tour will earn 0.01 SPARK. Join the tour around Queens and have a sneak peak of the city.

The Upland Auction House featuring the Bradbury Building has been rescheduled from today to the 6th of May. This time it wasn't your fault! You can still submit your interest for the auction. 

However, if everything else fails... I seen this breaking news! Found a way to get enough money to buy some top properties on Upland and maybe buy half of Bitcoin! Keep playing... keep earning and keep up with the UplandWealthBuilding!

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Written by   1004
2 weeks ago
Topics: UPAND, Play2earn, NFT, Eos, Games, ...
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