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AP Wine and the DeFi Meme Decathlon - The final battle!

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1 month ago

APWine Finance joined the Cryptoverse with a bang! The V1 is still planning the launch but this DeFi protocol was created to trade future yields. Users can deposit interest bearing tokens from other protocols for a set period of time and trade the returns in advance. The trading of unrealized yield will allow the users to speculate the evolution of yield and hedge the risk on passive revenue.

I seen the tweet about the Meme DeFi Decathlon, an announcement that invited Meme Lords for a 10 days competition and block-chain battleground dominance!  The top three entries per participating project was awarded prizes of $500, $300 and $200, paid as 75% APW + 25% tokens/USDC from the featured project.

I took the old wooden chest down from the attic and polished the Meme Lord armor! I mixed wine with naughty ideas and from over 200 entries I won two third places, for Babylon Finance and ArcherDAO. My reward was 50 USDC, 50 ARCH and 122 APW tokens. 

With some delays, the second part of the Meme Decathlon was announced! I put the Meme Lord hat on and worked a whole night to create meaningful memes. For some projects I created 3-4 memes and had to decided which one was the best. Here are my entries for all categories, even is some were below my standards. I am guilty of procrastination, and when the deadline was close I rushed up some entries just to make sure I tick all the boxes.

Pie DAO - I wanted to go down the bakers route and because APe Wine like monkeys I used the Gorilla Baker as my entry.

Saffron Finance - This was one of the entries I enjoyed the most ... because it had wine ... real wine. AP Wine logo glued to the bottle of wine, Saffron Finance glued to the jar of saffron and one glass of saffron infused wine! 

Illuvium - DeFi gaming platform and a name that makes me thing at floods and tsunamis. From this link was born the Poseidon with an Illuvium trident in a sea of wine.

UniLend - Another platform that offers spot trading, lending and borrowing! Just monkey business in my opinion

Polygon MATIC - Maybe I am football mad but whenever I hear MATIC I think about Nemanja Matic! The guy is from Serbia and I assume he is more like a wine guy. Five bottles should be enough for 90 minutes. AP Wine is red, Polygon is blue / Matic loves wine and so do you!

AAVE - the AAVENGERS was my topic and the kebab shop scene was my choice of background. Why? Because the Avengers are the same as AAVE, supercool but casual in the same time.

FUJI Finance - This had to be about Mount Fuji! This had to be about monkeys! It end up being about monkeys having a thermal bath on Mount Fuji - the definition of Monkey Spa and DeFi Borrowing Aggregator.

BarnBridge -  Smart Yield opportunities? Maybe a sanctuary for degen apes, a place where degen yield farming and grapes can mix and match.

Indexed Finance - Hustle free portfolio management. All the monkeys can chill and work (with a glass of wine) while Indexed Finance will earn money for them.

Stake DAO  -  Supercharged crypto returns and multiple staking opportunities. It's as cool as a winged monkey riding an elephant with laser eyes!

The results (after a month): All entries were added into snapshots, one for each project, letting the APWine community and the project token holders vote their favorites. The process was long but transparent and after some delays, the winners were announced. Meme Mayhem Part Deux concluded this glorious event and each community rewarded the Meme Lords. I was one of those achieving everlasting glory and winning a place in the pages of  meme history!  I won three prizes: 3rd place in the Fuji Finance category, 2nd place with the BarnBridge sanctuary and another 2nd place with Matic- Polygon banter.

AP Wine and Fuji Finance - DeFi Borrowing Aggregator and SPA for Monkeys!

BarnBridge smart yield winery - Sanctuary for all degen apes!

Are you a Man United fan? APWine is Red, Polygon is Blue, Matic loves wine and so do you!

Took a while for the prizes to be credited and still waiting for the Matic-Polygon 25% share of the prize but the AP Wine meme competition was legen... wait for it ... dary! I don't see any other project matching such a colossal event and I don't see any other project being able to unite so many DeFi projects under the same banner!

I received the 510 APW Tokens and their value was under $800 on the distribution day. Fuji Finance sent 100 DAI and BarnBrige sent 3.3 $BOND, valued at $75. One month later, the value of the prize doubled, even with the mini market crash from the 7th of September. I am looking forward to the day when my son will be asked at school about his dad's job and he will say his old man is doing memes for a living!


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Written by   690
1 month ago
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I laugh a lot with some memes. To make one you need a special touch, they don't come out ahah for me. Successes haunt you, that's the reality.

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1 month ago

Memes are kinda my thing

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1 month ago

You can tell that you have talent, I tell you, I think I have done only one in my life. Ahah

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1 month ago

More wins!

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1 month ago