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XXVIII: True or Faux

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2 months ago

[WP] One morning, you woke up with the ability to see true and false when written down. If it glows a golden color then it is true, but if it glows a dark color, then it is false. Out of curiosity, you go to the library and walk into the History section, and to your horror, all you see is darkness.


PointGuard knew that his moments to flex and enjoy the battle had expired. They did once Mill caught up to what his ability was, because now he knew what each of them could do, apart from John Doe of course. He smiled. It was good that the men he took did not know of each others' abilities, because there would have been mutiny for sure because there was no reason why they would follow him if they knew that they were disposable and he had a contingency plan if everything went south.

But it was when he actually killed Dasher that he knew that Mill was about to turn the tables on them. He caught up faster than PointGuard had thought he would, but he still got punched up which gave them an advantage. Now, Doppelganger was about to prove himself more useful than he ever had.

The man Doppelganger breathed shallowly as he saw Dasher's body on the ground. He didn't know the man, which kade

On PointGuard's instructions, he had held back on his ability, using as little of it as possible. He knew why he was doing that - it was for the same reason as why he had been closely watching Dasher even while copying what Mill was doing. It was because there was every possibility that as the front man, Dasher was likely to be a pawn who would get killed first.

"In chess, the pawns go first," he mumbled under his breath. As dark as that was, it was a good plan that Division Chief PointGuard had formed. The only problem was that now, he was the pawn next in line to be killed.

That was why he had been careful to minimize his energy used during his previous attacks. He wouldn't die here, not by a far chance.

Garrison smiled. He was beginning to catch the drift of what had been happening, and he was shoot because he hadn't left his steel amor plate on for long periods. Only for the few seconds that attacks were on. Because now, there was going to be a real need for his ability, seeing as their front man was dead. The next time he punched Mill, he would be aiming to kill him in one blow

Behind everybody was John Doe, silently observing the scene. Unlike the others however, he knew what PointGuard was going for, and he knew that he wasn't going to be an expendable for anyone, no matter who it was.

PointGuard whispered. "Doppelganger, we're going in for the kill now. You're going to copy both Mill and Dasher this time, and use their abilities simultaneously. You'll run directly in front of him and kick up dust in his face. He's going to be anticipating an attack from you instead, so he won't see that coming. Then you, Garrison, as soon as he moves, you follow behind. Once he kicks the dust into Mill's eyes, you punch Mill in the liver. We're either killing on incapacitating now. Once Garrison punches, you spray sharp crystals in his direction, Mill."

The plan was solid, and worse still, Mill didn't hear anything. Being used to combat however, he could detect when the atmosphere had changed, and he knew they weren't playing now.

But it was when the copycat started vibrating oddly that he knew he'd made a grave mistake. He had erroneously assumed that the only thing the copycat could copy was his crystal extrusion technique. Immediately the man moved, it was hell allover again.

He then looked to the side, waiting for the moment the man would slow down when trying to get him from the back. But that moment never came. In the split second it took him to realize that he had again, erroneously misjudged their movements and face forward, the copycat kicked up dust in his face again.

And then, in the smokescreen- created, a hard punch - much like the force of a concrete pillar having impact with the human body - hit his liver, cripoling him and sending him flying in a fetal position. He'd not known any pain like that before, so he knew his lover had been ruptured.

And then the pain intensified when about sixteen crystals stabbed him in various parts of his body, one hitting his left ventricle.

"Bull's-eye," PointGuard laughed. It was an incredibly successful attack, and he relished the spray of blood from Mill. It was sad that the man would die almost instantly from that, because it would have been so satisfying for him to deal the final blow.

John Doe and Garrison exhaled deeply as they prepared to leave.

And as Dasherbturbed his back to, a crystal as long as a javelin went right through the back of his head, through his right eye and still at a considerable velocity, flew and collided with Garrison's back.

He had seen Mill's movement from the corner of his eye, and even though he was too slow to speak up, his sharp reflexes allowed him to protect himself.

Mill stood up unsteadily, his wounds healing slowly, but faster than normal.

PointGuard looked at the bottle Mill dropped and sighed. Ambrosia, taken from the blood of one anomaly who had accelerated wound healing, could heal most injuries, even if they were life threatening.

"Where did you get that from?"

"That shouldn'tbe tour major concern," Mill laughed. "They say we as human beings are appointed once to die, and no more. I've just died twice, and come back to life. How on earth dontou think you'll be able to stop me?"



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Written by   224
2 months ago
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