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Topics: Series, 2020, Crime, Short Story, Horror, ...

[WP] You have the power to make fake things real. Toy guns are dangerous weapons in your hands, and stuffed animals become talkative best friends. Today you visit the statue of liberty for the first time.


"Match?" Stephanie asked, looking at me amusedly. Of course, I had not become enamored with her in any way as to remember that we were not friends or comrades - or rather, that I had no friends or comrades in this line of work. It was only fair that I would keep my distance and watch her actions for a while. But in the meantime, I had the upper hand, so I could afford to get a bit cheeky.

"Us. I meant us, so I don't understand why that question is necessary. Or," I said, twirling my index finger and causing the samurai to raise their swords. "Are you tired of my company already?"

She didn't seem to be afraid of the presence of the samurai anymore, been though I could see that she was smart enough not to miss that I had not dropped the samurai, which meant I did not trust her because we had a little heart-to-heart discussion. So she just smiled.

"Power is a drug and you're high on it. I thought we've already established a sense of friendship, or at least partnership. Why are you still relying on these goons?" She asked.

"I don't know what it means to have a partner, sadly. And trust is a sin when you're in this line of business. You've had your brief stint in street business, so you should know that much. Just because you can understand why I think the way I do does;t mean you completely relate, and even if you did, were you going to willingly risk your innocence and freedom to stay by me?"

"And what if I would?" She asked.

There was something in her voice that made me do a double-take. Whether it was her being sly or not, I couldn't tell, since my paranoia would not allow me to trust anyone. I was really messed up, and I needed help, but then I did not believe in anything like help. But something in me felt like Stephanie was a broken person that could relate to my pain too, and for once I felt that we could connect.

"Well, I don't know..." I said, trailing off. I was sure she could hear the hesitancy in my voice, and her smile confirmed what I felt.

Then I heard the sound from the loudspeakers. "What do you want?!"

I smiled. They were finally coming around to have a discussion with me, after all of the shenanigans I pulled. I wanted something, and what was it? Money. A whole lot of money. Enough to go off the grid and live my life the way I wanted. With or without someone by my side.

"10 Bitcoin, right here, right now. Sent via the QR code printed in this paper," I said, handing the paper to a toy bird that flew down and handed it to the men in the armored tank.

"That's outrageous! We're not doing that!"

I smiled and flipped my finger. My secret bargaining chip came flying on. A replica of the Enola Gay, and with a hatch under it open, showing the monstrosity that was another atomic bomb, the infamous 'Fat Man' ready to drop.

"I would like to disagree on that, I'm afraid. I think you will do exactly what I want when I want it, unless I'll kill you right here, right now, or else, I'm guessing that everyone here will have to die because you just couldn't be a little less miserly."

They were really testing my patience, making me wait. I was feeling dizzy already, and I tried not to let Stephanie see that. If she knew that there was a downside and drawback to my ability, who knew if she would really utilize it to her advantage? I held on to the railing and took a deep breath, wondering when they would give in and do as I said.

"We call your blu8ff. If you drop that, you die too! What's in it for you, and why would we believe that you would do it?"

"I just walked the Statue of Liberty all the way from Liberty Island to Times Square, killing hundreds of people in the process. Do you think I have any sanity left?"

I flew the plan closer to the skyscrapers, allowing them to see that it was indeed the real deal, and I was serious about dropping it. "Ten seconds."

I held the hard wallet in my hand. When they sent it, I would see it, and it would unfailingly be received in my wallet. And then I could be free to go. My hands were shaking, and I was getting weaker as time went by, but I had to hold out. The migraine was beginning to surface, and I knew I couldn't take it any longer.

If the money was not sent, I'd use my last energy to get an eagle to fly me out of the vicinity, and I would drop the bomb on the city. Unfailingly.

"What's happening?" Stephanie asked, a hint of concern in her voice. I ignored it and shook my head no, unable to speak. Perfect concentration was needed. I was weak, having pushed my brain power to the limit while using that ability over and over again, so any slip of concentration and I would banish with the explosion of that bomb.

I had to tough it out, but for how long?



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Written by   223
1 month ago
Topics: Series, 2020, Crime, Short Story, Horror, ...
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