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[WP] You have the power to make fake things real. Toy guns are dangerous weapons in your hands, and stuffed animals become talkative best friends. Today you visit the statue of liberty for the first time.


"Why are you doing this?" I stopped and turned to look at the woman whom I had just spared. She'd turned from a scared little thing who had accepted the prospect of her death to a bold, inquisitive one. I considered the odds of her attacking me and pulling something stupid, and I could not rule it out. I caused the Samurai to enlarge and become alive once more as she screamed.

"Oh, shut up," Mr Tibbins said, jumping down from my arms and walking towards her, causing her to scream even more. It was like it was straight out from a horror movie, a weird guy who could control toys now moving the Statue of Liberty across the watwr back to New York City.

"Those things," Mr Tibbins said, speaking for me, "are just contingencies, in case you try to be a hero. We're not taking any chances with you, so don't think everything will be rosy just because you were left to live."

She nodded before turning back to me. "How can you do this? Like, are you an alien, or some supervillain or something? What sort of crazy ability is this?"

I laughed. "Alien? Supervillain? Give me a break andnlay off the Hollywood sh*t, will you? There's nothing of that sort involved here. Or, of course, in many stories and accounts of this situation I could be called a supervillain, since I am undoubtedly the 'bad bguy' and I have superhuman abilities, but it's none of that comic book nonsense. I'm a guy with big dreams, and the power to achieve those dreams granted to me by genetics. How my lineage managed to get these abilities? I don't know, and I don't care. Just take it that I'm tired of living in the shadows, and I want to assume the position my power can get me in this accursed world."

She laughed. *You do sound like a supervillain through and through. Very philosophical about your sociopathic ideologies. You think you're in the right by doing this, don't you?"

She was intriguing. Despite her situation, she was still going at it word for word, engaging me in discussion like there was nothing to it. It kept things interesting, and I was happy that it wasbhwrbi chose to spare after all, because there was a need within me to allow someone see the world through my own lens, and see I viewed the world and why I did what I did. I did not care about what they thought of the morality of what I did, but I wanted to know the opinions of someone towards me when they knew how I thought.

"Morality? Right or wrong? That's a social construct that should have been dropped centuries ago. Those things only apply to the weak and poor. Rules that make sure the abyss remained between the strong and the weak, the rich and the poor, the privileged and less privileged and so on. The people making the moves that shape this world don't bother about right or wrong, and we are conditioned to believe that whatever they do is 'whats right', depending on who it is that influences us. Knowing this, I can not care less about what's right or wrong. The side with more power is the right side."

She looked at me for a few seconds, obvious surprised at my reasoning and what I thought of people. It was the understandable that with that tyoenof mentality, it would not matter how many people I crushed to get to where I was going. Collateral damage, again and again and again, no difference whatsoever.

"Are you a product of your environment, or arenyou just this twisted on your own?"

"Huh? I don't know. Whether it's the Hitler biograohies, or whether it's a product of my assession of this world, I can't say for sure. All I know is that I want to see all my money can get me in this world, and I will do just that."

We were nearing the shore now, and I could see the helicopters. The government did not care what they had to do to a national monument to avoid the extra loss of lives and property, and I respected that decision. But then I threw out the three toy fighter jets which I had in my pockets and watch them grow to their full size.

She gasped. "You can't-"

I turned. "I didn't come this far to get killed by a armoured helicopter. I did not at all. While I understand their need to protect the people, it's just a clash between my firepwer and theirs, and the best man wins.*

I watched as the sky was illuminated by yellow explosions as the helicopters were destroyed, and I smiled. The jets would go on to finish off whatever was left on the ground, and then I could rest easy, knowing that this statue was going to walk all the way to Times Square, crushing all in its path.

I turned back to her. "You're welcome to a demonstration of the actions of a power hungry maniac, and thankfully, you have a front row seat. Enjoy the ride," I finished, laughig maniacally.



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Written by   223
1 month ago
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