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[WP] You have the power to make fake things real. Toy guns are dangerous weapons in your hands, and stuffed animals become talkative best friends. Today you visit the statue of liberty for the first time.


As I stood waiting for the Staten Island ferry I remembered the hectic events of that morning and wondered when my obsession with the Statue of Liberty began and why I was headed there now. Oh dude I was very impulsive I did not see any reason to chase down this goal, except for the fact that I knew that I had already been discovered by the CIA. Since I was a wnatéd man ready, I decided to flip the world on its head and do something that would shock America. So far, they had done a good job of hiding American UFO sightings and alien landings but how were they going to cope with this one.

On the morning of my departure, I could see the CIA car in front of my house. They were there again and they were prepared this time with more agents. I laughed because it was going to take more than that to stop me. I warned those men to stay away from my house and not to text me but it seems they had problems do being simple instructions. In that case, I had to use them to leave a message for their superiors.

Those men did not know that the toy soldier said had more than just those; there were two or more tanks there which I could use for my next trick and another thing about my ability was that I could make the newly animated objects increase in size to proportions that suited my taste.

Increasing the tanks to a size which was about the size of a mini-fridge, I left them at the entrance to the door. There was another toy in my hand, a Hotwhiilz sportscar which I was fond of. I looked at Mr. Tibbins and smiled.

"Master, you have you're very unorthodox, nasty way of doing things, it makes me admire you since I am a troublemaker, but one would think you would actively avoid a scene given your ability."

I smiled.

"My ancestors choose the wrong approach towards this ability. It gives me an edge over every other person in this world, and the uses are so versatile that I can remain an invincible being. Why then would I need to stay underground and hide from mere men as these? I tried to do so, but now that I am in the open, I can't continue running forever. I have to show this man who is the boss in this situation."

The teddy bear shook his head. The car and a van came together. The van is parked by the side of this building, and it seems to contain armed men. They're bent on moving in this time and taking care of you, which is funny. Knowing fully well what your strange power it is and how dangerous it can be, they still decided to take care of you in your domain."

"Most of those men must know it by now, but they are the throwaways that just got deployed to test my military ability and what is in my arsenal. Seeing the CIA refer to cruel guerilla tactics to bring me in makes me feel on top of the moon, so I think I'll show them a sample of what I can do."

"And the van?"

I shrugged. "I doubt a van can keep up with a sports car, but we're about to find out."

I silently left my room and hid in the loft of the electrical wiring room for the place, watching through the security cameras I mounted in the place as the officers made their way to my room.

Six of them held a battering ram and were suited up and armed to the teeth. All of that for lil' ol' me? I thought, smiling. On the leader's signal, I watched them break down the door, and then freeze in horror when they saw the tanks.

"Blastoff," I muttered as my breath, and then the feed was interrupted as the building shook a bit. The tank fire was only a quarter of the force and intensity a real one packed, but that was enough to get the building shaking and smoke up all the operatives.

"The men from the van are moving in," Mr. Tibbins said as I raced down the stairs. "And they're going to be shooting to kill this time."

"Blah blah blah, I've heard that before," I said, laughing as I thought about the third piece in my possession, from that box of war toys. That box has proven indispensable in its uses, and I was going to use it one more time.

The object was about six sticks of dynamite held together by wire and connected to a clock, which served as a timer. I set the timer for thirty minutes. It grew in size to the real deal as I watched, and then I hid it in the bonnet of the car.

Whether they were atheists or not, both of us were going to confirm the existence of a big bang.

Reaching the streets, I moved through the gathering fried and reached a secluded area before enlarging my car and hopping into it.

I lived to leave carnage in my wake.



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Written by   223
1 month ago
Topics: 2020, Series, Story, Reading, Shortstory, ...
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