My parent ruined my dream wedding

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1 year ago

Since I was a child

I have always dreamt of a nice

Small wedding but a big night

But one question I always ask

Is can I ??

Knowing fully well the type

Of parent I have

Or should I just talk about

My dad, a strong headed man?

Or my mum, the real party life?

They will never come in terms with

A very small wedding

Because all they ever want is

A very big wedding which

All their friends and relatives

In far and near places

Will contribute money

And buy asoebi (family dress)

And also have all types of meals

To eat on the day of the wedding

My parent have always been mean

They have never allowed me

Do anything the way I want it

Everything must go the way they want it

Though I am used to it!

I am used to me

Hiding in their shell since I was a kid

I am used to me

Living like a prisoner in

My own community

It all started since I was a kid

Up until I became a teen

Into being a youth

It has always been the Mr and Mrs

Dictating my life for me

Like I'm some piece of garbage bin

No decisions I make will

Ever be good enough for me

Only theirs will be'

I pray God helps me!

Finally, it was my wedding!

Oops! I think I'm forgetting something

Final conclusion about the wedding?

Yes exactly!

After so much pleading

Was it still done small or big?

Big is an understatement for my wedding

It was super exceedingly big

What were you expecting?

For my parent to agree to my will?

All the invited guest started arriving

From all nooks and crannies

Both within and outside the country

The wedding hall was said to be

A five thousand people capacity

You can start to perceive

Aroma of different kinds of meals

The event ushers were all dressed accordingly

The decorations were done perfectly

And lights were blooming

Seeing everyone dressed in teal green

As this is the color code is heart warming

Pop songs started playing

So as to ginger the life of the party

Everything looks so appealing

Soon, the party started fully

The groom and his family arrived

Awaiting the bride to arrive

Finally, I walked in majestically

Everyone was astonished at the beauty

What a beauty, what a beauty!

This was whispered among the groom's relatives

Everything looks so amazing

Even though I never wanted to that big

I still loved and appreciated it

Here comes the moment we are expecting

The couple was joined in holy matrimony

Everyone shouted heavily

"They are married already"

My mum shouted heavily

May you now kiss the bride

The pastor told my husband

Everywhere was soon filled with the noise from claps

Suddenly, we heard a gun shot from outside

Somebody suddenly shouted "everyone lie down"

In a second, fear gripped people heart

What is that "everyone whispered"

A group of men hurriedly entered

With guns and knives in their hands

I started crying out loud

We are kidnappers

And we are here for the bride

Said one of the gangs

They dragged me away into their car

And drove out of sight

I was taken to an hidden house

Far away from town

I was given a phone to type my parent number

I heard them making a call

Demanding fifty million ransom

It took 7 days for my parents to raise that

So I had to stay 7 days in the house

Because they had to sell their house

They paid the ransom at last

Just that it was already too late

As I was already been raped for 5 consecutive times

Considering the fact that I was a virgin before that time

I was later released after my parent paid the ransom

Oh my husband, he waited patiently for our wedding night

Now tell me, how am I supposed to face my husband?😭😭

Note that this rhymes are all fiction and it is born purely out of my imaginary thoughts.

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Published date: 30th of March, 2022
Published time: 9:35am (WAT)
Author: © oyinwrites

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1 year ago


Cerita yang keren, saya kira ini cerita nyata . namun saya bersyukur jika cerita ini fiksi karena kejadian sangat menakutkan, saya tertarik padamu dan akan sering mampir untuk membaca tulisanmu.

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1 year ago

Hmmm 🙌🙌

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1 year ago

You caught we bro, I thought it was non fiction but when I finished read the story it's fictional. You know I've learned alot from this even though it is just a fictional.

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1 year ago

I'm glad you learnt alot guy .. I think I will be doing more fictions now

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1 year ago

Wow! I had thought it was a real life situation. Great imaginative mind you've got there. I hope to read more of your articles.

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1 year ago

I'm glad you liked it and I will be creating more fictions soon. Thank you!

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1 year ago