Imagine a world without women marginalization (cont'd)

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Good day friends, if you can remember I started a series on imagine a world without women marginalization few days back where I wrote about women being restricted to a particular point in some areas of life, so I'm continuing it today, you can check it out below.

Imagine a world without women marginalization

I will base my today's write up on what we can do in order to eradicate women marginalization (Just my thought though)

  • Changing our mentality

I must say that everyone is affected by this, we all have to change our perspective about life generally before we can change our perspective about genders. If we see life as a place to come and fulfil purpose while living the best life you can, then we would understand why both genders has to help themselves achieve what's best for them.

It's high time we come to a realization that the both gender need each other to achieve a world without flaw, if we still keep seeing no use of one particular gender or if we still keep thinking that a particular gender is only meant a specific purpose, then trust me when I tell you that we are not yet ready for a turn around in the world generally.

We have to change our mentality about making money because some people think that it's only the men that should be rich and that's why when some women make more money than their husbands, the husbands tend to abuse the wife or get mad at her unnecessarily. We also need to change our mentality about the purpose of women's existence, there's this popular saying back in the days that "no matter what certificate a lady might have, she will still end up in the kitchen" this is a very wrong mindset because women can also be great leaders in the society, they don't have to be restricted to just being a full housewife or just someone who should give birth to a dozen of kids in the home. We all really have to change our mentality about this in particular, let the couples help each other out with everything in the house including the house chores and every other thing there's to do and let's watch his the home of so many people will get better.

  • Loving genuinely

Learning to love each other genuinely is the key. One of the things I've learnt in life is that no power or force can stand against true love. When I say "loving each other", it does not apply to couple alone but also applies to every living being.

Loving your neighbors as yourself even when you have every reason not to, loving your relatives very much that even when you hear evil things about them, you still decide to love them, loving your wife/husband so genuinely that you have so much compassion on them and all you wanna do is to keep on loving them in whatsoever situation they might be passing through, loving your in-laws genuinely that if things are not going on well for them, you still care about them and you always want to help them out and loving anybody that comes your way.

Considering all what I listed above about who to love, you will realize that LOVE is the major factor of every good thing that happens. If a husband loves his wife genuinely then no one can easily brainwash him about marginalizing his wife even when they are going through tough times, he will still stand for her and stand with her. If a mother in-law loves her daughter in-law genuinely, she wouldn't victimize her when she's yet to give birth to a child because she wouldn't think that giving birth is all she came to do in a marriage. If a family member loves one of his relatives genuinely then whenever he sees her making money after long years of suffering and hard labor, he wouldn't be thinking that she did ritual or she's a prostitute.

Let's all try to change our mentality today and also learn to love genuinely and watch how women marginalization become a thing of the past!

To be continued...

Published date: 25th of April, 2021
Published time: 20 : 08 pm
Author: Oyinwrites

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We all need to really start loving genuinely, it will truly give us a perfect world

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My point!

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