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Dealing with Criticisms

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Abraham Lincoln was highly regarded and regarded throughout his administration.

It was deeply reviled. Blamed for leading the country to fall into civil war, he was the president whom people liked to hate. Those who criticized his opinions on war and slavery were outspoken and uninhibited in condemning the president.

One day, in the darkest days of his administration, Lincoln was walking down the street outside the Capitol in Washington D.C. When an associate had caught up with him.

Rolling along with President Lincoln, the man raised the issue of the growing anti-Lincoln sentiment in Washington and throughout the States at the time. In brutal truth, the man related to Lincoln the tales of the assaults on Lincoln.

As the man Lincoln was absolutely silent, the exasperated man

He replied, "Mr. Have you heard me, Lincoln? Are you listening to me right now? Lincoln paused, looked squarely at him, and spoke for the first time, saying, "Yeah, I've heard you, but let me tell you a story.

You know, at the time of the full moon, it is the custom of all dogs to come out at night and bark and bark and bark on the moon. This keeps running as long as the moon is bright. Clear to the stars.

Then he stopped talking and went on his way. Confused by Lincoln's reply, his companion said, "Mr. Lincoln, you've never finished your story. Tell me the rest of it. "Lincoln stopped walking again, looked at the man, and said," There's nothing else to say. The moon is always shining.

Criticism Handling President Lincoln is a strong role model for handling criticism. While he was mindful of his shortcomings and recognized that many well esteemed and prominent individuals disagreed with him, the president listened to the criticism and chose to pursue his own innate intuition that his policies would ultimately win over detractors and unify the nation.

One of the daunting realities of everyday life is the reality that there are people around us who are fault-finders, people who rarely see the positive but are eager to point the bad out. Like Lincoln, we ought to find opportunities to hear feedback without being weakened or ruined by it.

Don't get rattled by the critiques

The fear of critique is more dangerous than the critique itself. People who are threatened by their opponents live quiet, reluctant, unseen lives.

Writer Elbert Hubbard wrote, "To escape ridicule, do nothing, say nothing, do nothing. "Growing up in the face of scrutiny has a negative effect on life. "Fear of criticism will influence you in both trivial and serious ways," says Napoleon Hill. "It can lead you to buy the new trend, the most fanciful vehicle, the most advanced stereo audio systems, because you fear being left behind by the times, out of touch with what everybody is doing." Face the critique with confidence and belief. By declining to be threatened by opponents, you strip them of their ability to discredit your effort and imagination.

Switch from emotionally weak to emotionally resilient

Any of the people, let them become physically far too fragile. They, therefore, become highly susceptible to critique of some sort.

The antidote is to focus on working up the mental muscles. It's one way to recite

Seek for the wisdom of critique

While several critiques are unwarranted and unjustified, other critique is not only fault-finding, but pleasant guidance. Train your mind and spirit to make critical comments that are clear nonsense from those that contain wisdom.

When asked about the criticism levied at her, Eleanor Roosevelt answered, "Criticism makes very little effort on me because I believe there is a strong reason and something needs to be done."

Finally, when it comes to critics and criticisms, Jesus’ advice is to “love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!” (Matthew 5:44).

Although this will seem hard to do while you are suffering from undeserved scrutiny, the guidance of Jesus is sound. Praying with those who harm you provides inward harmony, peace of mind and, finally, liberation from the sting of criticism.

The fear of critique is more dangerous than the critique itself. People who are threatened by their opponents live quiet, reluctant, unseen lives.

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Written by   226
3 months ago
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