Let's go to Italy.. :) How to make the Perfect Polenta

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Hello everyone, if you enjoy eating like me, you are at the right place.

I decided to share the recipes that I love and find delicious for myself and my family on this platform. All the content I will share here will be completely from my own kitchen.I am a person who enjoys not only eating but also making.

The photos and content I use in my posts are entirely my own.

Today, I made Polenta, the favorite side dish of Italy and almost all of Europe. Although Italian pasta and pizza are appreciated by everyone, if you ask me, polenta is a food that deserves applause.

Polenta is a food ingredient made from coarsely or finely ground yellow or white cornmeal. In short, a cornmeal porridge that is a common dish in Northern Italy.

According to my research, corn was a staple food before it was brought to Europe from America. but it is a material that can be made from barley grains and legumes, not corn. Its history dates back to the Roman Empire, but today its name is associated only with corn, not with other grains.

This wonderful northern Italian porridge is slightly sweet, buttery creamy and corn flavored.

Although porridge comes to mind, polenta is not a traditional breakfast meal. No matter how simple it is, it is a magical side dish that makes dinners perfect.

Sometimes I make a plain polenta or a touch of cheese and fresh herbs

sometimes I caress the palates of my guests by placing a steak with plenty of sauce on it.

polenta is a unique alternative for those who are bored with rice, pasta and bread, which are preferred as carbohydrates with meals.

Although polenta contains simple ingredients and seems easy to make, it is a side dish that requires meticulousness. It may take an hour to mix on the stove.

Otherwise, instead of a smooth polenta, we can get a lumpy mush.

In fact, the most important point we will pay attention to is to use fine-grained corn flour.

If we use fine-grained material, we can get the perfect creamy texture at work.

And our cooking time is reduced.

Another method is to sift the material.

2 glasses of water
half a cup of cornmeal
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of turmeric
1 tablespoon of butter
and grated cheese

We start boiling the polenta by putting water, turmeric and salt in the pot.

When the water boils, turn down the stove. and add the corn semolina. Stir constantly until it boils again.

When it boils, we turn down the stove again and cook for 25 minutes, stirring occasionally. We add butter and grated cheese to the mixture. We keep it on the stove for another five minutes, stirring occasionally. We pour the polenta into a mold whose base and sides are covered with oiled paper.

And we ensure that it spreads well on the base. We are waiting for the mixture to solidify, the time we need for this is about 15 20 minutes. Then we can take it out of the mold and serve it in slices.

The polenta was brought to the table whole in this way at dinner, and anyone who wanted it could cut a piece and put it on their plate.

Bon Appetit I made it this way because I saw fit for my menu tonight. If you wish, as soon as you make it, you can put it on a plate while it is still on the smoke and serve. Imagine it like a mashed potato, spread it on the bottom of the plate and put your meat with sauce, chicken sauté or mushroom sauté on it, and you can turn it into a main dish on its own. Let's say you couldn't finish it all and the food has increased, don't throw it away, keep it in the fridge. When you want to eat later, you can serve it hot again by heating it in the oven or on the grill. In fact, my favorite is the polenta fries. It is possible to carry the flavor to the highest point by frying it in slices. I think I talked too much for a recipe, but rather than just sharing what I've made, I like to write everything I know and think about as if I were talking to a friend. Thank you for reading.Goodbye, hope you try this unique recipe.

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it looks super amazing, thanks for making an effort and sharing your great recipes with us

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I'm so glad you like it,I will be here every day with new recipes, I hope you will too :)

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oh that looks so good, I like how you describe the recipe in each image, I would have liked to have coins to give you a good vote, but for now I'm just following you.

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:) Thank you very much for your nice words and comment.Money doesn't matter, it's more important that you follow me.I'm following you too, see you soon

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