It's a Classic... French Toast

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Hello everyone, if you enjoy eating like me, you are at the right place.

I decided to share the recipes that I love and find delicious for myself and my family on this platform. All the content I will share here will be completely from my own kitchen.I am a person who enjoys not only eating but also making.

The photos and content I use in my posts are entirely my own.

I wanted to make a sweet start to the day. Some chocolate and some fruit.

Then I thought of french toast, a simple yet legendary classic. Another one of my favorite flavors to cook and eat.

Sometimes different thoughts come to my mind. Do you also wonder who found this recipe? Or how did he come up with the idea of putting these materials together? I can't help myself from these thoughts while eating Classic Food. I want to go to that moment and watch it, I dream like this. And then I immediately start researching. The existence of the dishes, the history of the ingredients, their combinations, their interactions with each other draw me in while reading. Actually, it's a cycle, I eat, I wonder and research, I learn and I repeat and eat again :))

Before I move on to the recipe, let me talk about an article I read recently. French toast is an article that does not belong to the French. They even say that it was a dish that existed before France became a country. There are too many legends written on it. Another is that this toast actually belongs to America. But I can sometimes ignore facts that I don't want to believe :))) because I couldn't find any proven data. Best to mention it by name.

Bread has always existed in the past of societies. Bread is a staple food for many cultures. And since accessibility was more difficult in the past, they avoided waste. I think stale bread was wanted to be evaluated at that time, and this perfect classic taste was achieved by accompanying a little milk and egg recipe.

It is an ideal alternative for mornings when I want to pamper myself.

Its preparation is very practical and let's move on to the recipe.

Necessary materials ;

2 slices of toast bread

3 tablespoons of chocolate spread

1 banana

1 egg

1 tablespoon of butter

1 tablespoon of sugar

half a glass of milk

And some vanilla extract


First of all, we prepare a sauce for better browning of the bread slices. For this sauce, whisk eggs and sugar well.

When the sugar grains melt, add the milk and vanilla and continue mixing.

We put the toast breads on the plate, spread the chocolate paste on it and put the sliced ​​banana on it.

Take the butter in a large pan and heat it.

We dip the breads we prepared into the sauce and wait a few minutes.

And when the oil is quite hot and foamy, we put the bread with sauce in the pan and fry it until it turns color.

That's it ..

I chose filter coffee as a drink.It was pretty good :)

I am one of those who love the chocolate banana balance and I preferred it this way. It is possible to customize this perfect recipe and change it according to your taste. For example, blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, blackberry. We can achieve legendary tastes with honey or fruit sauces.

Bon Appetit :)

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