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What are some useful skills that I can learn in 40 minutes?

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What are some useful skills that I can learn in 40 minutes?

1. Whenever you go to urinate between ten in the morning and five in the afternoon, drink a glass of water. It is definitely a healthy habit and will increase the amount of water you drink.

2. If you can't sleep for a long time even after lying in bed, keep opening and closing your eyes repeatedly. This will cause eye fatigue and you will fall asleep early.

3. Stand in front of the mirror every day and observe yourself very closely for at least 5 minutes. Express your hopes and frustrations in front of all those mirrors. You will get the best advice from the most important person.

4. When you go out for a walk or eat, you must take a bottle of water from home. Both health and money will increase.

5. Plant flowers at home according to your ability. Observe butterflies, birds, plants and all kinds of animals. Peace of mind will increase a lot.

6. Occasionally bathe in a pond or river. You can enjoy the real fun of bathing.

7 . Don’t bargain too much with sidewalk vegetable sellers. If you can, don't bargain. It is not in their nature to say 499/999 such price like rich cunning traders. And also remember that they never build palaces by selling these vegetables.

8. On special days of your life, such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, help poor children by providing them with the necessary materials. Help the helpless miserable people.

9. Keep yourself as far away from politics as possible. If you really want to serve the people, then pass the civil service exam and serve the people. Remember that in developed countries politics is not talked about in that way. As India is on the way to becoming a developed country, the importance of politics will diminish in the future as well.

10. Whenever you have time in your life, watch stories like Ramayana-Mahabharata through movies (if you haven't seen them before). These myths will shape your character and help you make many important decisions in life.

11. Food at any time satisfies 80 percent of your hunger. Walk as much as possible, use a bicycle. Wishing you a long healthy life will succeed.

12. Try to write at least one answer in Quora every day. There will be 30 answers a month and 365 answers a year.

13. You can use the "IKIGAI" method used by the Japanese before making any important decision in life.

14. Stop watching cricket. Remember that the rich and some business people make a lot of money playing cricket. Lower and middle class common people waste money and time watching cricket. If you really love playing cricket then play cricket. The game can never be the hallmark of a country's success.

And if you want to sharpen your brain, then there is no alternative to playing chess.

15. Think for at least two seconds before you say anything. The tendency to speak controversially will decrease and the tendency to speak logically correct will increase.

16. No one's life should be verified and no one's personal opinion should be expressed. This is one of the worst things in life.

17. Live a disciplined life and meditate every day.

18. Improve yourself by mastering time-appropriate techniques like programming, web designing, graphic designing, blogging, photography.

19. Attend a variety of workshops regularly and make your future life more efficient.

20. Determine the course of your life and make a habit of making decisions in life.

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