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There is a fear behind many children lying, how is this fear born?

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Reasons why children lie

As a parent, the responsibility of proper upbringing of the child is very difficult. A lot of times we come across things that we don't know how to solve the problem. The child's mind is, in fact, like the rhythm of the earth. So children have to be taught properly from an early age. Only then can they become human beings in the future. And the responsibility of giving this proper education is on the parents. So the responsibility of parents is a big difficult responsibility.

So many times as a parent I think a lot of questions arise-

1 When do children start lying?

2 Why do children lie?

What should I do as a parent if 3 children lie?

4 How to stop children from lying?

5 How can I encourage children to tell the truth?

Many such questions arise in our minds. But there is a reason behind children lying.

Reasons for the child to lie -----------

In fact, when children start talking, we like to hear what they say. At such a young age, they do not have the ability to understand what is true and what is false. Then many of them started talking a lot imagining. So many people can lie based on imagination or exaggerate or exaggerate any incident. And when we love or caress them when we listen to them, they lie to get more love, or often to attract everyone's attention, children lie Begins to say. Gradually it became a habit.

Many children lie for fear of punishment. If the parents are very angry, they lie to save themselves from punishment. For example, if something is broken or ruined, then school-going children do not do their homework, do not play tiffin, etc., then they resort to lies to get relief from punishment.

Many times we expect too much from children and we get used to this habit from childhood. We forget that the five fingers of the hand are of five kinds. So there are different talents hidden in everyone. We don't think about their wishes, we try to impose our wishes on them. So children resort to lies when they cannot meet expectations.

When children start going to school, they often lie to raise their profile among friends or to get everyone's attention.

Children grow up in an environment where if they see adults lying, or if there are many opportunities to lie, they start lying.

How to stop children from lying / How to encourage children to tell the truth -----

Instead of worrying that children can lie for many reasons, we need to find out why they lie. Are they losing confidence in themselves? Or is he lying out of fear? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do?

Mixing with children like a friend should try to remove fear from their minds. They have to have the courage to tell their parents everything openly. They must be taught to verify good and evil.

From childhood, they have to listen to the biographies of various scholars, the stories of Ishpe, and the stories of various fables. But they themselves will learn to judge good and evil.

If children lie, they should be told not to lie without being beaten. And they need to be encouraged to tell the truth.

Encourage children to write a story or draw a picture by holding a diary in their hands, encouraging them that the story is very beautiful, instead of blabbering on when they can tell a story. Maybe it will lead to the development of any talent in the future.

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Written by   87
1 year ago
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