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Some wonderful scientific facts about the human brain

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Some wonderful scientific facts about the human brain?

The male brain is 10% larger than the female brain. [1]

Brain scans show that when a person falls in love, certain parts of the brain are stimulated. [2]

Knowledge is a matter of both heart and mind. According to a new study, fluctuations in your heartbeat can affect your knowledge.

Humans actually have a second brain. The intestinal nervous system is known as the second brain or intestinal brain. Because it can be operated independently of the brain and central nervous system. This second brain causes your gut feeling. [3]

The length of all the blood vessels present in the brain together is 161,000 kilometers. Which can orbit the earth about 4 times.

When adult brain cells are injured, they return to the embryonic state. Their newly adopted immature state is able to regenerate cell connections. Which helps to recover lost parts when they are in good condition.

It alone receives 20-25% of the body's blood and oxygen. Although only 2% of body weight.

The harder you think, the more energy and oxygen your brain uses, which can be up to 50% of the body. [4]

Neurons are the longest and longest living cells in the body. Some of them may have survived for a lifetime.

The adult brain contains about 86 billion neurons. Each neuron connects with another 10,000 neurons. [5]

The human brain is more complex than a supercomputer.

About 60% of the human brain is fat, it is known as the most fatty organ in the human body.

When awake, the brain produces up to 20 watts of energy, which is enough to light a small bulb.

The subconscious mind never sleeps even if the human conscious mind sleeps. You dream because of the activity of this subconscious mind during sleep.

The human brain can hold up to 100TB (1TB = 1024GB) of data! [6]

Most people forget 5% of their dreams within the first 5 minutes and 90% of their dreams within 10 minutes after waking up. [7]

About 12% of people's dreams are black and white. [8]

A person can have 70,000 thoughts a day! Many of these 70,000 thoughts are actually looping over and over again. [9]

The brain is the most complex and mysterious organ of the human body.

Studies have shown that people who wake up late and wake up late are actually (on average) smarter and more creative than people who wake up in the morning. [10]

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Written by   87
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Topics: The human brain
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